Get Sexy For Summer

(This post by me first appeared on the Yummy Mummy Club site)

Finally! I think we can safely say that summer has arrived. The sun is staying out longer, the temperature is getting warmer every day and the calendar says the little ones are going to be home all day long in just a couple of weeks! Sorry about that last part, I’m trying to get myself psyched up for it.

The best parts about summer are sometimes the scariest for people. (Back to the  kids home all day long). I’m talking about less clothing. Shorter skirts, lower necklines, sleeveless tops and gasp…bathing suits!! Awesome…flabby thighs, turkey neck, bat wings and belly bounce for all to see.

I used to be that girl that found every way to hide every part of her body in summer. Winter was always easy; baggy sweaters, jeans, big coats. Summer? While those clothes were great for hiding life’s little imperfections…I found that heat stroke set in pretty quick when it was 100 degrees outside.

Well, it took a little time, but I found it a lot more fun to have a better body that I didn’t have to hide, than to keep passing out from over heating.

Bathing suits, skinny jeans, that sexy little dress that your husband loves on you. Pool parties, evenings on the patio, walks on the beach, all go better with a body you are proud of.

Don’t hide it…flaunt it. Sorry, not feeling up to it? I know how you feel. But, you don’t need to feel that way. Real wholesome and noticeable changes are easier than you think. Stick to the tips below and you will be rockin the skorts, kitten heels and halters before you now it. (Ok, maybe not…BAD visual)

Exercise – Whys

• increases your metabolism
• burns calories
• helps you sleep and manage stress better
• (resistance training) maintains or builds muscle
• increases bone density
• helps prevent diabetes and assists in controlling blood sugar
• improves heart, circulation and lung health
• improves mood, helps relieve depression and increases self-esteem
• increases mobility and quality of life as you get older
• helps you keep the weight off long-term

Exercise – Hows

• set your goal and put a time line for it
• resistance: challenge your muscles with moderate weight and lots of repetitions
• mix it up: don’t do the same exercise over and over again
• make it a group effort: support for others is a great motivator
• don’t make it a social event: you are changing your look, not planning a tea party


• No processed foods
• No boxed / freezer meals
• No sugar
• No alcohol (OUCH – The kids are home)
• Lots of water
• Lots of vegetables (multiple colours and lots of greens)
• Fruit (not too much and never all by itself)
• Lean protein with EVERY meal
• 3 meals per day with 3 snacks

Unless you are blessed with the genes of a mythical goddess time is going to mess with your ability to keep the 18 year old body you used to sport. (Maybe 25 for me – 18 for me SCARY). But, some good sensible attention to yourself with a dedication to improving the way you look will go a long way to you feeling better about yourself.

Another thing you can do…chase the kids all summer! Make them be happy to go back to school to get a rest from the best mom on the block.

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