Getting ready for Christmas!

It used to be that the real indication that Christmas was just around the corner was the day after Hallowe’en when you walked into your favourite store and all the candy was on sale to make room for the massive displays of Santa Clause and all the fixins’.

In the States, it was two days after Thanksgiving (2 because they needed one day to do massive post Turkey Day sales).

Now, it seems the day after Labour Day we start to see the signs of the season that is coming.

I love the holiday season.  I hate what it represents to so many people; Eating Season has begun!  Weight gain season is upon us.  For the next two months we will be bombarded with cakes, cookies, sauces and booze.  Candy, treats, loafs and all sorts of food that normally we would never eat, but for some reason, we celebrate the season with an over indulgence.

So lets prepare properly for what we about to be bombarded with.  We all work so hard to maintain our weight or in the best goal centred situation, lose weight all year long, that a little pre-planning can go a long way to remain in control.


Food is meant to be energy for the body.  The better the food we choose, the better the energy production is.  Garbage in, garbage out.  Eat sensibly and responsibly.  It’s just food! No matter how good it tastes, it doesn’t look good on your hips and thighs.


Self control: Eat how you normally would.  Don’t over-eat and don’t use the season as an excuse to sneak the extra treats or sample every offering that is available.

Buffets and pot lucks: Go for the good stuff first. Have a plate of veggies, greens, healthy salads, light dressings.  Clean your plate, wait 10 to 15 minutes before going for the second plate full.  You might find that you’re satisfied with that and not need to eat more than you should.  Even better…one plate that includes your greens, veggies, lean protein and other healthy choices.  Unless you are a power athlete, you don’t need more than that so stop! Don’t just eat it because it’s available.

Drinks: Water it up! The more the merrier.  Enjoy nature’s goodness.  The seasonal specialties are calorie and fat monsters! Green tea, clear liquids are good choices.  If egg nog was really that good, wouldn’t it be available all year long? –

Treats: They are everywhere and they look so good.  But most taste the same year to year.  So is there a need to try them all? NO!  How about commit to a one-treat budget. Try one treat that you’ve never had before or enjoy your absolute favourite and savour it.  Then you can say…been there, done that.


Don’t use the season as an excuse to let go of your good exercise efforts.  Yes, it’s a busy time of the year.  But everyday still includes 24 hours. Its how you spend, budget and allocate your 24 hours.  Block off time on your calendar everyday to commit to your health.  It’s more important now than ever.  You want to keep your immune system at its peak, which is helped with regular exercise.

Make sure you continue to commit to your Boot Camp, personal training or personal exercise time.  We’re all busy; at least we can be together and maximize our time.

Walk: Make sure that you don’t take short cuts.  Use the stairs, or the elevators or escalators. Voluntarily look for the parking spots far from entrances to where you are going.  Its faster and better for your health.

Sleep: Make sure you are getting enough rest.  This is when your body repairs itself, rejuvenates and protects you, so include adequate sleep to maintain great health throughout the season.

The hoiday season does not have to be a time to gain weight or sabotage your efforts from the rest of the year.  Wouldn’t it be great on January 1st, 2012 to not include “Lose Wieght” as your resolution?

Some good planning and common sense can have you losing weight this season.  Do it!




  1. Carrie, you have such wisdom and foresight in your messages. I read the blog then read the newspaper which is filled with grocery advertisements for “Christmas Foods”. I’ve never been one to purchase cakes, cookies as I make my own. I think it to be strange that most of the social events in our lives tend to revolve around food I am always refreshed by your words as they are to the point and so relevant. As a diabetic I try to make good choices and find desserts to be a dissappointment as they usually look way better than their taste.

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