Giving Up Grains Challenge

We are 6 months into 2013…how are those New Years Resolutions holding up??  

Did you set a deadline to achieve your goals?

The summer is a tough time…BBQ’s, patio’s, parties, cottage get-a-ways. Temptation in the form of hot dogs, alcohol, snacks/chips.

BUT…this is the time to buckle down. You aren’t missing out because you aren’t throwing back 4 or 5 drinks. You aren’t missing out by not having the hot dog. If your goal in January was to drop a few pounds –aka your “winter weight”…you arent helping yourself by giving into those bits and bites here and there.

Fact: The Boot Camp lose 7 in 7 works.

Do you have to “give up”…gah, I hate that…you are not giving up…you are choosing to eat better food. You are trading, swapping, exchanging, shuffling, substituting, switching what you are choosing to eat. Think about it that way. Don’t equate it to giving up your first born. 

Why is it tough to follow a meal plan….in a word…L-A-Z-Y. Truth hurts people, the truth hurts.

It takes effort to make real food. It is easier to grab a slice of pizza or a bagel then to make chicken and veggies. You have to get creative, you have to think about combinations of foods and flavourings.


Just opening a box and putting something in the microwave = lazy. For all of the busy people out there rolling their eyes at me….ummmmm yeah, we are all busy in some way. You either do the work or complain and remain the same……ohhhhh that last sentence was gold….that’s a tweetable ; )

Moving on, here is a sharing moment…I love bread.


I could sit and eat a whole loaf of fresh bread and be quite content. Pasta does nothing for me. When I was at my heaviest, I could and would eat a whole loaf of pumperknickel or rye bread in a day…wait for it….slathered in butter. Are there days that I still have evil carbs…yes and I suffer…oh, do I suffer…the pain that happens is awful…very similar to when I had gallbladder attacks -#ouch

I have this internal conversation with myself…don’t do it…Im sure this time the pain wont be bad…I will drink a ton of water…just this time and I will only have a little. It is mentally exhausting. Each and every time I end up in pain…one day I will learn. I’m human and I am  a food addict…recovering addict that is.


We don’t need processed carbs. The government food pyramid has been lying to us for years.


A few of you will be asking “what about fiber” I need those grains for fiber…no you don’t. Veggies and fruit are all you need. You need to recondition your pallette. You need to level out your blood sugar so that you arent constantly craving sugar.




It’s just food people…it is meant to nourish…not to fill an emotional void.

Give up grains.

We will do this together.

It’s not that hard…trust me. You will love the results. Those of you who have done it, know what I am talking about. If you have fell off the wagon, this is your wake up call to climb back on! 

Leave a comment below if you are up for the challenge and if you are getting back on the 7 in 7. 

Quick Breakfast recipe…super easy and super delish–I make this at least a few times a week.

Protein Pancakes:

1 scoop of boot camp protein powder

1 egg

1/2 mashed banana

splash of almond milk or water to thin it out a bit

dash of cinnamon

Blend and fry it up in your non stick pan. Top with some fresh fruit.







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