Happy Valentine’s Day

It’s  Valentine’s Day (week)  and I will admit like most women, I looooove Valentine’s Day.

Now I know right now you are probably thinking that I am going to go on and on in this post about not eating candy and that extra weight is harmful to your heart – so now that I have covered that I can move on.

I used to love it for other reasons.  I used to love it because the stores were lined with red and white candy in early January. I used to love it because it was just another reason to eat and celebrate with food.  But, then I used to be over 225 pounds too.

Valentines Day used to be a sanctioned day for me to eat chocolate and all sorts of other sugary candy.  By that alone, how could you not feel love on such a day???  I lived in denial for many, many years. Fact: food will never give you love or make you feel loved. It did the opposite for me….I pushed people away because I was insecure about my weight and how I looked.

Sharing moment:  After my pregnancies, I had a lot of weight to lose and I didn’t want to be seen or even hugged.  There was no Valentine’s romance for me or my beloved :( I came up with every excuse no time, too tired, I will start on Monday, this one bite won’t hurt.  It went on and on.  I felt like I did when I weighed over 225lbs….

Then, I regrouped and made the effort—healthy meals and exercise.  I lost all of the pregnancy weight,  (had to do that twice).  I have a very patient and loving husband who was and is very supportive. So when I tell you that I know how you feel, I actually do.

Valentine’s Day for me is not about the chocolate and candy.  It’s about loving me….loving a healthy version of me.  If I love myself then I can love others in my life and that is something we all deserve, as do the ones who love us.

I still have issues (alert sharing moment number two coming up). I have stretch marks -ugh I don’t love them and never will…..but it is a reminder of where I don’t want to be.  I have the scars that come with 2 C-sections – and I have stretched skin… “Hello I have twins!!!” So I have a couple of physical issues that I don’t love…but I love that I am healthy and that I am not overweight anymore.

Being overweight was the hardest thing for me–mentally and physically. I didn’t love myself enough to do something (exercise and eat right) for a long time when I was younger.

If you lost the extra weight you have been talking about losing, whether it is 5 lbs or 50lbs, you will feel better not only physically in that your body will be able to move better, you will be less achy, you will be able to do more BUT you will feel better in that you will have the confidence to do more-losing that weight will give you the confidence to try a new activity or to re connect with your spouse in a romantic way.

Yes, I constantly preach about being healthy because I have played on both sides and I know that being on Team Healthy is a better life than being on Team Candy

Ok…so let’s lighten (hehehe lighten–get it) this up a bit.  If, you want to fully experience your Valentine’s Day….then choose wisely…..if you must have chocolate then choose a good piece of healthy dark chocolate.  Please note that I said piece not the foot long chocolate bar.

Dark chocolate should be at least 70% cocao.  Enjoy it–actually taste the flavour, don’t just inhale it.

It is the same with wine.  Now, I don’t drink alcohol (simmer down I don’t like the taste of it) and if I am going to ingest calories, I’m eating them not slurping them down.  Ok, back to the wine analogy.  Having a good piece of dark chocolate is the same (I think) as having a nice glass of wine.  You don’t want cheap, plastic tasting chocolate—just like you don’t want wine out of a box.

Make Valentine’s 2015 different, don’t do the candy, eat and exercise so you protect your heart and can live a long, loving life.

Be romantic with your spouse, or loved one…rekindle that romance.

A note to all saboteurs: Stop pushing your candy on people who don’t want it or need it.  If you are trying to get people around you to gain weight or to make them feel miserable…stop it!

Happy Valentine’s Day to you.  Keep on or start loving yourself!!!






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