Have you shared your goals?

You have to start with a plan

One of the most often overlooked, but very important component of any fitness program, is goal setting.  I talked about it previously here and essentially laid out the reasons you really need to do goal setting as part of your program…Recap;

1. Write down your goal(s).

2. Be specific and reasonable with yourself

3. Set a date to accomplish your goal with incremental bench marks to measure progress

4. Have a partner to help hold you accountable…ME!

Once you have done that, you HAVE to share your plans and goals with your support network.  Most often that will be your family but can extend to co-workers, groups you belong to or your fellow exercise team mates. Some of you may not want to tell anyone for numerous reasons. They don’t want to hear again that you are going to lose weight. They won’t believe you can do it.  You’ve said so many times before, etc.  Those may be valid reasons, but that could be because you never truly committed yourself to your goals.  But that will never happen again, right?

Your family needs to know your plans and know that you are committed.

When you involve your family in your plans you build a support group that is there for you on the days when you need that little push to stay with your program.  They are your cheerleaders and sounding boards when you need to vent frustrations.  You are on a journey and all journeys need support to complete.  They will help you on those days when your will power says, “Eat the ice cream sundae.”

If you keep your plans a secret you may inadvertently offend a loved one by turning down that extra helping of dessert, or choose not to have the glass of wine with your dinner.  Aunt Ellie made the Peach Cobbler from scratch and you just can’t say no.  Well, if Aunt Ellie knew, maybe she wouldn’t have tried to force feed you the calories you don’t need.

Be excited about what you are doing.  Share your experience and success, no matter how small they may seem.  Your family and friends will recognize your excitement and do everything they can to help you make your next goals.  If you go to a friends for dinner it’s natural for them to want to feed you and feed you well.  Let them know what your program is all about so that you don’t feel awkward saying no, and they won’t feel awkward as you turn down food they offer.

In the end, your goals will be easier to attain and your program will be easier to maintain with a support network around you.  We have more power in a group than we do on our own.

It's a one way street

So let me know, have your loved ones ever inadvertently sabotaged your weight loss goals?  Have you kept your program and goals a secret because you are afraid you may fail again?  Even better, tell us how your family or friends have supported you.  Share your story with us so we can all learn from your experiences.




  1. My husband was the first one to encourage me to go to bootcamp and give it a try. He has always tried to get me to know the physical and emotional benefits of exercise.

    I will never forget the way it felt when my youngest daughter told me how proud she was of me. She was so happy to see me doing something for myself and actually recognized that I had set goals and achieved them (I think she’s much older than her years). One of my biggest rewards has been that my oldest daughter has seen my commitment to bootcamp over the last 10 months and the results that go with it and she is trying to work fitness into her life. I’m so grateful she’s figuring that out at 17 and not at 45 like her mother!!!! I am further encouraged to keep going in hopes that I can influence my girls to build healthy lifestyles as they start making more choices on their own.

    They’re all behind me! I know they secretly wish I wasn’t going out 2 or 3 nights a week so I’d be home to cook dinner, but they don’t complain and that is felt support that counts a lot too!

  2. This is the first time losing weight and being on a ‘plan’ that I feel I have succeeded!! One of the main reasons I feel I have succeeded is the fact I have so many people to be accountable to! Because I’ve shared my goals and my successes with so many boot campers, friends and family I always know people are supportive of me and understand my struggle. Yet at the same time I know I can’t let these people down! Having Carrie as a support has also been incredibly valuable. She is always there to answer questions or pick me up when I feel I’m not making the progress I wish I were making!! (Thanks Carrie!!!)

    Another way sharing my goals with others has helped is when other people see the progress and I don’t. Sometimes living day to day and constantly thinking about losing weight and working out can wear on a person. When someone knows I’m working hard to lose weight and they mention how they see the change it makes my week and helps me keep going.

    All the times I have tried to lose weight I never talked about it much because I was so afraid of failing and worrying about everyone judging me. By sharing my goals and successes with others I feel I have the confidence AND the support I need to succeed!

  3. I shared my ultimate goals with one person only – You Carrie. And not because they were crazy but also because I felt it was something I had to do on my own.

    However, I think that saying them out loud was all I needed to start the journey. And not just stating my goals but why I wanted to reach them. I wanted to be healthy so that I could enjoy life more. I was sick of always being tired. Even going down the stairs to do laundry seemed like a huge task.

    While some friends and family were suportive, a lot of them tried to sabatoge me or were jealous and behaved differently towards me once I started losing weight. Perhaps if I had shared my goals with them and why I wanted to reach them, they would have been more supportive.

    My fellow boot campers… They were VERY supportive. Encouraging me when I didn’t think I had anything left in the tank and complimenting me when they noticed improvement/change. Because we were/are all there for the same reason – to be healthy, lose weight, gain confidence, feel better… – It’s the perfect environment for encouragement.

    Most of all Carrie, you were there with all the support one – or one hundred – really need. I can’t say it enough – Thank you!!

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