Heigh Ho, Heigh Ho its off to Disney we go!!!


Registration opens today at noon EST for the Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend presented by Cigna.  This is one incredible running weekend filled with fun, entertainment and running that has been challenging runners both elite and recreational for over 20 years!

12:00 pm EST Today, registration opens.

12:00 pm EST Today, registration opens.

You can run a half marathon and a full marathon and be rewarded with not two but three gorgeous medals for having completed “Goofy.”  But, with the addition of two more runs added to the mix you can now call yourself a “Dopey” runner. That’s right 48.6 miles of running in four days!   6 medals and the title of “Dopey” because you will have run a 5k, a 10k , a half marathon and a full marathon in four days!  Now that’s Dope(y).

In addition to adding the Dopey Challenge, the Walt Disney World 10K featuring Minnie Mouse and all new medals for the new races, Half Marathon, Marathon and Goofy Challenge, runDisney is making additional enhancements to improve the race experience.

Here is runDisney Director of Marketing Faron Kelley talking about the updates:

  • Men’s and women’s cut tech shirts available for the 10K, half, full, Dopey Challenge and Goofy Challenge
  • Lowering our weekend capacity by 2,000 runners, mostly in the half marathon
  • Proof of time required from more runners
  • Runners in the half marathon must supply proof of time if 3:15 or less
  • Runners in the full marathon must supply proof of time if 6:30 or less
  • More detailed information required for proof of time to allow better verification
  • More corrals allowing us to better place runners with similar abilities together and therefore spreading out the field on the course
  • No corral changes based on proof of time will be made after November 1  IMG_2629

For more information and to register for all events, go to runDisney.com

Now who’s getting Dopey with me??

Hang on Snow White, I’ll be right there to help you train Dopey for his big debut!

 Register here! Hurry…don’t be late.

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