Here is the Secret..TELL EVERYONE!!

Wow….great response to yesterday’s blog post.

So how many of you are waiting to hear that there is some special potion, pill or lotion that I use????

Ok…let’s break it down and I’ll show you the formula to my energy.  I’m laying it all out, nothing held back, so grab a green tea (there’s the first of many must do’s) and get ready for a read.  But please, don’t just read it, take it to heart, make it your own and live it!

I found it funny that a few people said “Yeah, yeah…. eat healthy, drink some water and exercise.”

That is essentially the start of endless energy.  Why do people pass it off as not a big deal??  That is the foundation  That’s how you build a strong structure and it holds true with building a strong, healthy body as well.

Let’s get started with my Secrets

I think everyone’s idea of healthy eating differs and a great deal of that has to do with marketing and sales.  I ignore smart written copy and slick advertising.  (Like, “30% less fat! Less fat than what? If a product started out with way too much to begin with, 30% doesn’t mean crap.  Well actually it does mean it’s a crappy product.)

My healthy eating is simple….I eat real food…food that doesn’t come from a box.  I am busy, so my meals are not fancy or labour intensive.  Simple and satisfying.  I love the taste of food so I don’t get into a lot of fancy seasonings or infused flavours.  Its amazing how different real food tastes on it’s own not covered in salt, butter and oil. Works for me!

I have so much energy because I have lost over 100lbs- that is a big deal.  If you lost the 20 or 30lbs you want to lose -I guarantee you will have more energy.

When Amy started boot camp she was over 225lbs.  She was not bouncy like she is today…every pound and inch she lost she gained confidence in herself and the bounce started…and has developed into this high energy girl that is strong and lean!  Extra weight drains energy in everything you do, so get rid of the extra.

I don’t eat pasta or a lot of bread or processed foods (cookies, cakes). Think about it this way, the more processing that goes into food, the more processing your body has to do..  They suck your energy–they make you tired and lethargic—ugh….I like being alert, happy and bouncy!  If I do have something processed, I feel it instantly-and it feels horrible.  It’s not worth it to me.

If you want your body to do extra work in breaking down your food, choose foods that have a thermogenic effect.  That means you actually burn calories in the digestion of your food.  Lean proteins…great example.

Do I feel deprived…nope…I feel fantastic!!  I know what those foods taste like…I didn’t get to 220lbs by not eating all of those things.  AND newsflash-the taste of those things has not changed-so you are not depriving yourself.  I will go on a bit of a rant right now –tough love people…so keep reading.

If you are making excuses like “I just had a couple of glasses”, “It was a small piece” “I was out and that was the only choice available” then you will make excuses for yourself as to why you aren’t in your ideal body, “it’s ok that I have an extra 20lbs” “I dont have the time” blah blah blah…heard them all, don’t accept them, moving on…

I use Vital Greens  (full disclosure, I like it so much, believe in it and what it does for me, I actually sell it.)  It works for me.  I like it, again a personal preference.

I eat protein with every meal/snack.  So for those of you that have a granola bar or muffin or don’t eat at all, that’s why you have low or no energy.

I never go longer than 3hrs without food.  NEVER EVER.  I am prepared and always have something with me.  It’s not hard to have almonds/apple in my purse or a baggie of protein powder, a bottle of water.

I eat healthy fats – I cook with cold pressed – extra virgin olive oil.  I add avocado’s to my meals and I make nuts a main staple in my day as well.

I take a healthy dose of vitamin C each and every day.  (I take 1500mg-2000mg) it’s a personal preference (you take whatever is best for you)  It helps with immunity, is an antioxidant, helps absorption of iron and the list goes on and on.

I have protein shakes each and everyday (full disclosure again…my protein of course.  I got so fed up with buying 2 kg containers of cake mix that I formulated my own, worked with a lab and made a great product that is of real benefit for everyone).  I developed it because I wanted a high quality protein that tastes yummy.

I do have days that around 2pm, I am not so bouncy.  Thats when I will have one of my protein shakes and it does perk me up!  I will have a vanilla protein shake and add a packet of Via from Starbucks (instant coffee) and there you have an affordable and tasty mocha-chino!!!

Water….I drink LOTS of it.  It really does make you feel better in so many ways! The other thing I have is hot water with lemon at night before bed…it is the best and only detox you will ever need.  You are mainly made up of water…makes sense to ensure you are re-filling yourself with it regularly.

Exercise – Yes, I exercise.  I could go on and on about the benefits of exercise.  For your health, strength, bones, connective tissue, metabolism, blood flow…

You absolutely have to exercise your heart/lungs (cardio) and your muscles (resistance training).  BUT…you have to do it sensibly.  Has anyone ever told you that too much of anything is a bad thing?  Yes, that holds true with exercise as well, depending on what you are shooting for and the exercise you choose. I have seen some people that have been given really bad exercise advice or done a program that was not right for them and they have actually had the exact opposite results they were looking for.

Food fuels you and provides energy to exercise.  Exercise ramps up the effects of healthy eating and ensures that your body is burning away unwanted and unnecessary calories and fat.

You honestly can’t have one without the other, but as you noticed the majority of this post has been about nutrition.

Final piece of the secret puzzle…SUPPORT!

I have surrounded myself with a support net of friends and family that are positive people.  People that add to my energy, not suck it away.  Negative people rip the energy from a room with their ‘woe is me’, complaints and their excuses for why things are the way they are.

I start my support with me…I know that I control my destiny and my outcomes more than anyone else.  I am trying to raise my children to be happy and positive leaders…why would I not lead them by example.

I support myself with proper sleep and rest as well.  You can’t make demands on your body then not give it a fighting chance to repair and recuperate.

It is a formula.  Nutrition + Exercise + Support = Results.

These are all the pieces to the overall puzzle.  If you are doing one thing and not doing the others then you will never finish the puzzle.  You can’t exercise and eat crappy and expect amazing results.  You can’t accept your own excuses why it’s ok to cheat or take few days off.

This is what has worked for me…test it, I dare you…stick to it, I challenge you.  Prove me wrong, you won’t be able to.

Use all of the pieces….energy is waiting for you….you have to do something to get it—BUT it is sooooooooo worth it and I would never ever give up my energy!

Having endless energy is truly amazing…. why would you not want it?

“Do, or do not, there is no try.” ~ Yoda

Remember, if you need support…I’ll be there for you, I got your back!




  1. Thanks Carrie. Once again your words, advice and knowledge inspire me and keep me motivated!!
    Oh and the suck it buttercup attitude helps too!


  2. Thank you Carrie! You are a genuine soul to share your secrets of success. So happy to have found boot camp and with your support commit to it. Fitting 1 hour of exercise in to 3-4 days a week has made me realize how much I really can get done in short time periods!!

  3. I need to tell you how grateful I am to bootcamp. I thought with the kids back at school and activities I was having a hard time fitting it all in so about 6 weeks ago I stopped going. Well, what a mistake. My sleeping was horrible, my eating was horrible and in general I just felt out of whack. So guess what I am back at bootcamp. last night was my first night back and I had the best sleep I’ve had in over a month. At 3:00pm today I didn’t need a pick me up. No only did I miss the excerise but I noticed something last night..I was laughing…Bootcamp is hardwork but it for me it changes my outlook on life in general. Feel good about yourself and the whole world looks better.

  4. I am sitting here craving my kids halloween candy and now…I am not!! Thanks once again Carrie for motivating us and reminding us what we need to do to be healthy and strong!!!

  5. Every time I read one of your blogs … I say “yep”, that’s me! So my goal for this weekend is to stay on track and no cheating (no hockey tournament to go to either). The wine/vodka last weekend sucked all my progress from the week before. Not this time!!! No excuses. Thanks Carrie.

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