Here’s the good news…and some not so good news


I would much rather write about good news but the reality is that with some good at times there is bad.

With the summer winding down a few of you have lost your way or your fitness path has become blurred with snacks, treats, alcohol, etc.

A couple of bites here, a couple of drinks there, a missed lunch, a skipped breakfast so you had to have a quick snack of whatever you could find, vacations, parties…the excuses or what you civilians call “reasons” really don’t cut it anymore.


Let’s start with some good news. If you’ve gained weight or need to lose weight…you can make it happen. Your weight is not concrete (although it may feel that way when going up stairs). You control how your body looks and feels. If you’ve been off the fitness wagon for a while and the pounds have piled up the good news is….IT IS FIXABLE. 

The bad news.  If you’re overweight you will likely have a shorter, painful life. Added weight effects every part of your body. More aches & pains. Limited mobility. Low self esteem, disease….need I go on?

The key is doing the work.



You are where you are because of the choices you have made.

If fat loss is your goal, then you put chips or candy in your mouth, at that point you are deciding that you do not want to lose weight. With that being said, just because you “workout” does not mean you have license to eat whatever you want. Old school my friends….calories in vs calories out.

You have to want it. I wish I could get some super powered pixie dust and convince you all to make healthy choices and to show up at boot camp. This is your journey and I am thrilled to be a part of your journey and whatever brainwashing I can do I will do it. 

Back to some good news…

If you choose not to have the birthday cake at the office you are not missing out on anything—you’ve had cake, you know what it tastes like.

Bad news…

If you keep having the cake, or donuts, wine, etc., you will keep getting bigger–you will get slower – you will lose your independance because your body is too beat up to move.


Just get through today. Make today a success. Have a plan and follow the plan.

Choose good so you don’t feel bad.







  1. As always, you are there to remind us of what we need to do. Get re-focused + keep your eye on the prize = One Healthy Person

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