“I couldn’t freakin’ see!!!”

As many of you know, I had  eye surgery last week and there was a complication that developed after a few days.  So,  I had to have another procedure to correct it.  #Fun!!  (I refuse to call it a #fail…I mean we’re talking about my eyes!!)

Oy….I was just a little stressed out!  Hello…I couldn’t freakin see!!
The incident itself was eye opening….yeah, lame joke (pun intended)…sorry.
Something I want.  Something I need.  Something that was temporarily taken away….I had some time to sit and think.  Several hours of eyes closed, no lights, no computer, no reading. Just to sit and think.  One of the thoughts; How so many people take their health for granted (like I took my eye sight for granted).
Many of you reading this are taking your health for granted.  You think that an extra 20 or 30lbs isn’t really that big of a deal.  You’re ok with it…for now, outwardly anyway.  But do you realize you’re cutting your life short…taking it for granted?

Is it because you are comfortable?

I don’t mean are you sitting comfortably while reading this.
I mean are you comfortable with your life?
Have you become so comfortable with carrying around extra weight that you have just learned to accept it and live with it?
Have you become so comfortable with not eating properly that indigestion, bloat and cramping is something you just ‘live with’?
Here is a neat little thing that you might also take for granted,  “Anything that you want to make happen in your life, you control”.  
Today is the perfect day to say “Dang it, things are going to be THIS WAY starting today!”  I’m going to make a difference.  Today, I won’t take my health for granted.  Today I will eat better.  Today I will exercise.
Today, I will stop taking my life, my health and my future for granted.

Monday is all about the REAL YOU.

  • The YOU that can do ANYTHING.
  • The YOU that CAN dream big and MAKE it happen.
  • The YOU that I totally BELIEVE in.
  • The YOU that is going to turn your body into AMAZING shape.

Yep, Monday is all about YOU.




  1. Hit the nail on the head for me, Carrie! See you tonight…the “me” that is no longer comfortable with just living with it!

  2. I look forward to each Monday to help me get the week going in thr right direction.
    Thanks again for the continued motivation Carrie!

  3. I sure hope your peepers are OK now that you’ve had the “correction”?!!! Yikes — how scary that must have been. That was a great experience to share with everyone as I’m sure we all take our health for granted from time to time. Thanks and I hope you’re feeling better.

  4. I’m sure we can all think of things we have taken for granted – all too often it takes “something” to happen close to home for us to open our eyes. SO now that they are OPEN keep them like that! Don’t turn your head or make up more excuses why you can’t today or don’t feel like it……WE HAVE THE power of CHOICE to make the right decisions TODAY! One baby step at a time – TODAY is the best day of your life!! WE are so glad that you can SEE Carrie! Thank you for helping us learn what is important so we can stay on track and keep CHOOSING good health and happiness over comfort and regret…..!!!

  5. Wow, how very scary for you Carrie. I hope all is well with your eyes.
    I have taken just being able to stand for granted!! Hopefully, I will be back to “normal” soon. I miss bootcamp more than I thought I ever would and hope to see you really, really soon!

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