I cured myself

That’s right, I CURED MYSELF!!

Technically, by today’s standards I had a disease and I cured myself.  So up your’s doctor’s and insurance companies and special people in the pharmaceutical industry.  

I was obese. I was a donut eatin’, McDonald’s lovin, sittin on my big butt watchin tv kinda girl. I was obese and I cured myself. Witch Dr? Magic? Pixie Dust? Nope…I summoned up some courage and discipline.donut obesity

I didnt stop shovelling garbage food in my mouth but I started to limit it and I started to exercise. I made changes and results happened. I made more changes and saw more results…

and then…..ready for it….

drumroll please…..


I was no longer obese–taaadaaaaa!!

It took a year-but I did it. Back in the day there was no internet and I believe we only had a few channels on the tv. I was a young adult and had NO CLUE on how to lose weight. But, I had common sense (which nowadays is a super power).  I knew that I needed to exercise and I knew that eating donut after delicious donut would get me nowhere fast. nothing will work unless you do

The AMA (American Medical Association) has a new policy that now officially labels obesity as a disease….a disease?!

Last time I checked obesity increases your risks for developing legit conditions such as diabetes, stroke, heart disease, liver disease, osteoarthritis, sleep apnea.medical complication of obeisty

It is 2013 and there is this thing called the internet that is loaded with information and education. As well, our beloved idiot box (aka the tv) has 2000+ channels some of which actually have real content and educational programming.

The argument that more money needs to be spent on education is weak. The information is there if you want it.  AND…there is also this thing called the library…they still exist and they offer book after book as well as computers and free internet access….amazing!!

Information is accessible, if you want to figure things out then you figure them out. If you are lazy and are always having a pity party about your circumstances well…

Part of this argument is that there needs to be more money spent for medical interventions so that this “disease” doesn’t become worse…does that mean that you can qualify for gastric bypass easier or does that mean you will be connected with a nutritionist and trainer to help change your lifestyle or is it new drugs?

Being overweight primarily is about habits, and lifestyle choices—(that statement should get me some hate mail.)

If your habits and choices are poor then the outcome is the same.

This is all on you…it is your choice to sit infront of the tv  30 minutes to 2hours or you can take that 30min and exercise. You can choose to load up on snack cakes or you can choose to eat some veggies.  You can choose pop (soda for my American readers) or you can have water.obesity-no one runs

Yes, there are some people blessed with incredible genetics who can eat crap and not gain an ounce and the rest of the world of us that struggle with our weight collectively and quietly hate those people (just kidding—we’re just jealous!) Some people have slower metabolisms and we have to work harder–we have to do the work to get the desired outcome.  But even then, if you have a slow metabolism, you’ll help it by exercising and eating properly!quitting is a character flaw

I want them to find a cure for cancer! Not spend money on something that is self induced and easily controlled.

For those of you reading this all enraged at my comments, I understand. You have gotten to where you are because of the choices YOU have made. The CURE is to make changes.

Small changes can lead to big things BUT YOU HAVE TO DO IT. It will be tough and there are times that it will suck but you toughen up and push through. Getting sweaty, feeling some muscle soreness, fighting food cravings is much easier than going through chemotherapy, having hourly needles or having heart surgery. Perspective.




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