I Have a Super Power

Yeah right…super power?! “That Carrie Burrows has had one too many kale smoothies and her brain is all frazzled talking about having a super power.”Supergirl

It’s true, I have a super power. This has nothing to do with black magic or anything mystical. This super power has beenĀ developed over years of training. It’s honestly come natural to me, but I have also strengthened it to a remarkable level through observation and conversation. Remarkable level? Yes, a remarkable level.

Are you ready for me to reveal my super power…is the suspense killing you?

I can predict your future…yup, I can. That’s my super power.

No, not a Long Island Medium or look into my crystal ball prediction but I can predict your future weight loss, or lack thereof… boom.

I can see people from across the room and tell you what their food vices are. When I meet you, within seconds I can predict if you will be successful with your weight loss. Yes, within seconds.

I have not been given some magical powers by fairies or unicorns…my skill has been developed because I have worked with THOUSANDS of people.

In seconds I can have you sized up by the words you use, by the way you sit, by the way you carry yourself. My predictions are 100% accurate – my over/under numbers are insane! This skill has taken years to perfect and I don’t take this power lightly.

I wish I had real pixie dust and could get you all to your goal weight in the blink of an eye but sadly I can’t. What I can do is answer your questions and get you on the RIGHT path to weight loss.

5 ‘Tells’ You Make

A great poker player looks for his opponents tells. Those little actions, movements, mannerisms that let the pro know what his opponent has in their hand.

People that will fail at weight loss have tells as well. Here are 5.

  1. You justify bad nutrition choices because of emotions.
  2. You think all calories are the same.
  3. You swear by the latest fad, pill, potion or lotion.
  4. You lack self-control.
  5. You don’t know how to read a food label.

There are many, many more but you get the picture.



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