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Options...your choice

Options…your choice

The CEO of Coca Cola showed up in my news feed yesterday, in media clip/interview. Coca Cola has started a campaign to help fight the war on obesity and Muhtar Kent was getting grilled.  The interviewers asked some great, needed and tough questions.

Here is my thought:  This may surprise you a bit.

Well done Coca Cola!

  • There is a problem (actually epidemic)
  • You are in part responsible
  • You are part of the problem
  • You are trying to help be a part of the solution.

Now I know a ton of you are in shock for me supporting Coca Cola but here is my rationale.

Sugary drinks are not the entire problem.  Yes, their mas availability, relatively cheap cost and marketing have made the problem greater, but the real problem is  people who have no self-control or couldn’t be bothered to be informed or educated.

Pop for my Canadians friends / Cola or Soda for my Americans … is not making the world fat. Bad judgement and lack of willpower is making the world fat.

By saying Coca Cola or any other brand is making people fat, it is the same as saying forks are making people fat. Forks don’t make people fat.  It’s what you put on your fork that makes you fat!

Coca Cola and a lot of other big brands offer nutritional informational on the packaging, they are donating money to active lifestyle programs and are changing their marketing to be more responsible….I say good job!

This is a societal issue not a sugary drink issue.  Use some common sense people. Old school…calories in vs calories out. It is a lot easier to suck back a lot of calories than it is to expend those calories BUT THAT IS THE CHOICE YOU MAKE!!! You do the time for the crime. If you drink it you need to start moving.

There is enough information and education out there to make an informed decision. If you are claiming that you had no idea drinking a 2L bottle of Coke would cause you to gain weight, you are lyin!  If you start your day with the super size bucket of soda at Burger King to wash down your 2,000 calorie trough slop, then you deserve what you end up like.  It’s a choice.  They didn’t make you choose them, that’s on and in you.

Coca Cola and so many other brands offer choices and options. They offer low-calorie or no calorie or less sugar and even portion controlled sizes. Again, YOU HAVE OPTIONS. If you have no self-control or bad judgement, that is on you not on Coke (or Pepsi—self admitted fan of Pepsi Max)

I know all of you natural peeps are freaking out right now and ready to start typing me a nasty reply or email. Yes, these drinks are full of chemicals, fillers, additives  bah blah blah. YOU HAVE THE CHOICE NOT TO DRINK THEM.

Photo credit: The Big Gulp

Photo credit: The Big Gulp

This issue is about the food industry as a whole not just one product or brand. If you are fat and you want to change that then your options are fewer.  If you are unhealthy and you want to be healthy, your options are less.  If you are in fantastic shape, healthy and fit then you have a lot of options…you just have to exercise self-control (pun intended).

Everyone has to go on their own health journey and yes I actually commend Coca Cola for being proactive, spending the money on wellness programs and trying to connect communities to education & information.

Coca Cola is making the effort…what are you doing to make an effort to better health?



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