IALAC Disease – I have it, you should too!

My Grade 3 teacher Mrs. Bailey taught us this acronym.

She had it plastered all over our classroom and she would remind us of it daily. We would repeat it every morning after the national anthem and the Lord’s prayer.



Early on Mrs. Bailey instilled in us that we are worthy and anything is possible.  We can achieve anything that we want.

Over the years, I have never forgotten Mrs. Bailey or what IALAC stands for.  I think I went through a period when this life lesson wasn’t as important to keep it in the forefront of my mind.

When I started to gain weight as a kid and got heavier as a teen, I didn’t place the importance of IALAC. I didn’t feel that I was loveable and capable of anything. The extra weight put me in a place where I thought there was no way out.

It wasn’t until I made the changes needed in my life to get healthy that IALAC became my first thought of the day again.  Once I reminded myself daily of Mrs. Bailey’s simple lesson, positive changes occurred.

When I see and talk to people daily that go on and on about the decadent foods they eat and drink and wear those as a badge of honour, it actually makes me mad. When people joke that they will never be fit and healthy again and resign themselves to a life of mediocrity, it makes me mad.  When people, especially Mom’s just give up and settle for carrying that baby weight 10 years after the fact, that makes me mad.

Being healthy is a choice.

If you choose to eat Mac n’ Cheese with a milkshake chaser then you are choosing that your health is not important.  You are choosing to be unhappy when you put pants on that don’t fit. You are saying loud and clear that you are not worthy of a long, happy and healthy life.


What the heck has happened that food, (bad food) has taken over society and that people think that if they pass on the greasy fries that it is the end of their world??

When did we stop loving ourselves? When and why are you giving food the power over your life? What has happened that people have become so lazy that they are not capable of getting up and going for a walk?  Why is to that reality TV is more important than reality health?

The take away message is you are loveable and capable.  You deserve love, and no love is more important that the love for yourself.  You need to love yourself by being healthy and living a long life.  You are more than capable of making choices that will benefit your life not shorten it. You are capable of scheduling 30 minutes at minimum of exercise into your day.

I have to add this in because it is one of my biggest pet peeves; parents, you are doing nothing for your children by neglecting yourself.  If you ignore your health/fitness and excuse your way around eating healthy and exercising because you are over scheduled by taking your kids to practices, etc; you will not live long enough to see your kids grow up.

You will burden your kids by them having to take care of you because you are not capable of taking care of yourself.  Ignoring your health/fitness is not being a role model.  There is no honour in being martyr by saying you have no time for yourself because of your kids activities.  Kids learn what they live and you are teaching them that they are not loveable or capable— IALAC —- I will keep pushing this Grade 3 message until you all get it!!

Do whatever  it is you have to do to make a change starting today.

Sticky note IALAC to your fridge, your computer, your desk, wherever you need a reminder.

Special shout out to Mrs Bailey, wherever you are. Thanks for being a teacher who cared enough to make a difference. Thanks for helping me develop into a better/smarter adult. Thanks for teaching and not just showing up to collect a pay check!





  1. Thanks for sharing Mrs. Baily’s IALAC message Carrie! Your blog entry is inspirational as always! 🙂

  2. Thank you again for the BIG reminder Carrie. We have been raised in a society that attaches so much feeling to the food we eat – whether we eat comfort food to “feel” better or eat with family to “enjoy” together or get together and eat/drink with friends to have “fun”… all of “this” has gotten in the way of us making the right choices that support a happy, enjoyable & enthusiastic HEALTHY lifestyle. A one time exception turns into the ongoing on the wagon, off the wagon & on again… Making excuses for what we know is best for our health gets us no where & results achieved can be gained back SO FAST. For me this is my biggest challenge, sticking to what I know is best, while being surrounded by temptations.

  3. Wow-phenomenal message! I just loved this. I’m going to share this with my friends as well, so many of us, especially women, need to hear these reminders.

  4. Carrie,
    I have been following your blog for a few months now and have never been so inspired to post a response as I am today..
    As an elementary school teacher it is very special to read that a teacher had such an impact on your life. I also think your message is such an important one. Being healthy is a choice and I think we sometimes forget that. I know I got where I am today because of the choices I have made and now I have decided to make the choice to lead a healthy life. I put the IALAC on a post it – note on my alarm clock so every morning I wake up and remind myself that I’m worthy and I should CHOSE to lead a healthy life. Thanks for your inspiring blog that I look forward to every day. I think I will try and spreadthe positive message by teaching my students about IALAC.

    1. Emily…that is AWESOME!! Thank you for reading the blog and thank you for your comment–I really appreciate it. Congratulations and a hi-5 to you for taking the steps to a healthier life!!
      You most definitely worthy of your best life ever!!! Thank you again for your feedback!!! Keep at it!!! Please spread the IALAC message!!!

  5. Thank you Carrie for this positive message and for all of your other positive actions. By the way, the 5 and a half day diet is AWESOME! I lost 5 pounds in two days and wore the “target dress” last night. I felt confident and had a fabulous evening. Doing Bootcamp with you has made 40+ feel so much better! I feel stronger and healthier. In fact, today, I was called a “young lady”, in an elementary school! Wow! IALAC! 🙂

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