If nothing changes……nothing changes.

Everyone knows what they “should” be doing but only very few actually do it, and by “it” I mean exercise and eat properly.

It’s time to make changes.

  • Time to plan your meals and COOK THEM
  • Time to schedule in your workouts

Things will come up that will derail your from your plan, but you need to dial into your ninja stealth moves and be able to recover and stay on track.
(Oh yes, I just said ninja stealth moves! LOL)

Meetings come up, kids get sick, traffic happens, you forgot your lunch.  The list of “didn’t plan on this happening goes and on and on…

Bumps in the road are bumps in the road.  They do not give you a  licence to eat whatever is quick or easy.  It’s not permission for you to skip exercise.  You really need to be stronger than your excuses.

Being healthy is not a punishment…it is a reward!

Exercise and eat smart.  That’s all I’m asking for.  It’s prevention.  It is going to help you live a longer, happier and healthier life.

Think about this for a sec.  How many people do you know that have health issues and for them, it’s now too late.  TOO LATE.  Don’t become that person or statistic.  Not when you have the ability and wherewithal to take control.

You get through one day at a time. You set goals, real goals (specifics please!), not fluffy, obscure goals (i.e. I will lose weight).  You say, “I will lose 10 pounds by April 1st, be able to do 10 more pushups”…etc.

Those days you just aren’t feeling up for a workout.  Show up to boot camp.  I guarantee that you will leave feeling happy and proud of yourself that you did it!




  1. It’s so true. My speed skating class is at 10:00 pm and can I tell you how much I want to get off the couch to go skate at a cold arena that late at night? But I do and I always feel better afterwards. Always.

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