I’m doing everything right…but I’m not seeing results!!

This is one topic that I discuss daily with my clients and friends.

The call or email usually starting with something like, “I don’t know what is going on. I am doing everything perfect and I am not losing weight”

The reality is that can’t be true.

Once I ask a few simple questions the answer is always crystal clear.

What did you have for breakfast?  Nothing.

What did you have for lunch?  Fast food because that’s what everyone at work had.

OK, and you had 3 or 4 chocolates because it’s Christmas and they were there( or short bread or whatever seasonal treat it is).

What did you have for dinner?  You had salad with chicken.  Very good, but the 8pm cookies or chips or other crappy snack…you fill in the blanks.

What did you do on the weekend?  Great time with friends is wonderful, but really, you thought the alcohol you drank was going to get you to your goals when I’ve told you that alcohol is pure sugar???

I am not asking or telling you to be perfect with your eating habits.  I am asking that you actually try and most importantly be honest with yourself.

You can’t wing it.  You need a plan.  You need goals and you need to respect those goals.  You can’t tell me you’ve been doing everything perfectly and when we look at what perfect is…well, it’s not.

It’s simple when you lay it all out for yourself.

When you go grocery shopping, don’t buy junk.  Don’t buy junk and tell yourself that your kids or other family members “need it”.  They need what you need.  Healthy foods!!

Pack your lunch and snacks with healthy choices that help you towards your goals.

Plan what you will have for dinners.  This goes back to the first point of grocery shopping, buy the food you need to make healthy meals….taa daaa!!

This time of year there are lots of sugary, high fat foods around.  You don’t need it and you wont die if you don’t eat it…..read that again…it’s ok to pass on the crap that doesn’t help you.

If fat loss is your goal, then eating foods that are not supportive is simply not an option.

It doesn’t have to be complicated, so stop making it that way and stop with the excuses why you need to have 4 shortbread cookies! The second one tastes the same as the first.

I don’t care if it is the holidays and I don’t care if your friend baked it.  I also don’t care if it is your fav-our-ite kind of chocolate.

If you actually want to get beyond this point in your life you have to stop making excuses!

What I care about is your success and helping you get where you want to be!!





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