I’m looking for my P.I.T Crew

The time has come fellow Princesses…TOMORROW is the day that registration opens for the 2014 Disney Princess Half Marathon Weekend!! ImageImage

I am giving you the heads up because it – will – sell – out!!!

In my blog recap from this years 2013 Princess Half Marathon, I said I was looking for a few good princesses who are ready to lace up their running shoes and run for the bling! Once you register, let me know and I will add you to the list of our Princess Training Program #PTP – you down with #PTP ya you know me (insert  the song O.P.P from Naughty by Nature)Image

So why should you do this??? …hello, it’s Disney…do you really need a reason to go?? If you do need a reason this is it!

We all need a goal/challenge and this is a great one. You have enough time to get yourself together, get your training in order, and plan a family vacation around it.

This is one of those events that should be on your fitness bucket list

Here is what you can look forward to:

-This one is for my Canadians and my Northern friends…a weekend in warm Florida…a break from the snow and cold in February is what everyone needs!

-The new Glass Slipper Challenge *taadaaa* princesses will run the Enchanted 10k Saturday, followed the next day by the magical half marathon. 

-Get the family involved…have them cheer you on when you cross the finish line but you can also register for the Cinderella Royal Family 5k. How incredible to run with your family at Disney….magical indeed!!

-runDisney kid races for kids 13 and under

-Fit for a Princess Expo … compression sleeves–enough said…that’s right, I’m loading up on more colors!! This is your one stop shop for all of your princess training gear! Image

Ok princesses…tomorrow is the day. JOIN ME!!! I will have your Princess Training Program #PTP ready and we will do this together. I would LOVE LOVE LOVE a bigger team this year. 

Make the commitment, time to Princess Up (like man up but only with glitter and bling)

I know you can do it and I am super excited to run every magical mile with you!!





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