iRun for me, family, you. #run3rd

I love always trying to inspiring and motive you and if that means that sometimes I have to travel to far away places and do crazy things, then I will do it!!  If that means that I need to combine two loves…fitness and Disney, you know that I will…for you.  Does it get any better?? One of the many highlights of the weekend was that I got to meet so many out of this world people.rapun

This past weekend I had the privilege to travel to Florida and run in the Walt Disney World, Princess Half Marathon and take in all the weekend events surrounding the event.expo

runDisney events draw in people from all over the world and each of them has their own story about why they’re there. Everything from a “doing their first half marathon”, completing a weight loss challenge or a girls weekend away.  (Side note: when did a girls weekend away stop being a shopping trip or a trip to Vegas?  I love that people are turning to their friends and using fitness as a way of bringing everyone together!)

Another reason we always see and hear about is those people who are running for someone else. You can see these people at almost any running event.  It’s a great thing to do.  This past weekend I learned about a new concept behind this and I love it!!


It was started by Sean Astin.  Yes the real Sean Astin form movie and television. Sean was there this weekend (he is also at most runDisney events) and I have to say that not only is he an actor who I admire, but he is such a friendly down to earth guy…who runs!!sean

The concept behind #run3rd is simple…

  • 1st, I run for me
  • 2nd, I run for my family
  • 3rd, I run for you

Your inspiration and your motivation always comes down to having a “WHY”. Your ‘why’ is what will get you to move.  It will be the reason you train when you don’t feel like training.  It is the reason you go the next mile.  Your ‘ why’ is what inspires you to do better.

Choose to run or be fit because you can! So many people out there can’t and so many other just won’t.  When you don’t have the option or you lose your mobility, then what?

Here is the best news…you are in control.  You have the ability to be healthy, fit and strong.

How awesome is that?

Be inspired…find your why. Then be an inspiration to others.

  1. Do it for you, then;
  2. Do it for your family, then;
  3. Do it for others.bling




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