Is cheating ok?

The weekend is almost here and that’s when so many people go off the rails with their eating and ignore their workouts becuase y’all think you need a break or a reward for a long week at work.

Could you imagine the horror that you would experience if your son or daughter came home from school and announced, “Hey Mom, I got a really good mark on my test at school today! I cheated on a couple of the questions to help me out.”

Or how about the feeling you’d have if your spouse said, “Honey, I met this fantastic lady today and we shared a kiss. Just a little one. Only for a few minutes.”

I’m pretty sure that none of you would like to hear those kinds of statements anytime.  Cheating is cheating.  Even if it a little bit of a cheat.  The bottom line is that cheating is wrong.

We all can agree on that.

But why are so many people fine with cheating on themselves?

Why do we justify that little piece of cake or the half a bag of chips when we have made a commitment to ourselves to lose weight?



Reward meals / cheat meals are what get people to the place where they are when they decide they need to change.
Weight loss or changing your lifestyle isn’t about hanging onto the past. It’s about creating a new way of life and thinking.
Why would you reward yourself with garbage, or calories?  One cheat meal become a cheat day and then a cheat day becomes a few more cheats during the week and soon, all the bad comes back in.
It’s like breaking up with that guy when you were in your 20’s and then continuing to try it again because “He’s changed” and all you end up doing is wasting more time while Mr Right walks past you and you don’t notice.

Why is it ok when we go out to dinner and order the drenched in butter or creamy sauce entrée do we tell ourselves, “Its no big deal.  This little cheat won’t hurt me.”

The problem isn’t that little cheat.  It’s the justifications (excuses) that we make to ourselves that it’s just this one time.  It won’t ever happen again.  We can have this little something tonight, but tomorrow, we’ll get right back on the straight and narrow.



The reality is that you are cheating on yourself and one little treat leads to a bigger cheat, which leads to a cheat day, which turns into a cheat week and pretty soon, you’ve forgotten all about your original goals.

The same is true when you ditch a workout for your favourite TV show or even when you do commit to showing up but you only give 50%.  You’re cheating on yourself.

Remember what our parents used to tell us? “Cheaters never prosper.”  Well, your parents were right.  Sure the first few cheats may not hurt you, but I can guarantee that they won’t help you either.

Do yourself a favour; don’t cheat on yourself.  You wouldn’t accept it from the people around you, so why accept it from yourself?

Don’t waste time, don’t cheat…just commit to the goal, the new you.



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