Is Diagon Alley safe?

I wonder if JK Rowling could have ever dreamed that her books about a little boy who we all watched grow in to a young man would have ever become as big as it has.Harry Potter YoungHarry Potter Old

Rowling brought Harry Potter to life in her writings on then big screen took it from there.  Is there anyone who hasn’t seen the movies or read the books? They have spawned a brand bigger than the world of wizardry itself.

How big? How about billions of dollars in merchandise, licensing and an incredible investment by Universal to create attraction rides in their Orlando them park which today sees the official opening of it’s latest addition, Diagon Alley.

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Yes, that magical shopping district from the movies has come to life in Florida and from all the media reports, it is something amazing that the creative minds at Universal along with the cast and creator of the boy who defeated the “one who’s name we must not speak”, have put together.

With three children who have grown up with the Harry, Ron, Hermione and Hogwarts, I’ve been watching with interest to see how it would look. I know that I will be making the trek to the park someday (soon) and from everything I have seen in news reports and from Universal themselves, it is nothing short of spectacular!

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A dragon that breathes fire, goblins, dark magic, potions, spells…is this place safe? The only way to find out is to summon up your courage and go check it our for yourself!

My Travel Tuesday Tip? If you are heading to Orlando make sure you add The Wizarding World of Harry Potter to your travel plans.

Do you plan on putting a trip to Universal Orlando on your must do list?

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