Is Dr Oz starting to be like Jerry Springer?

Oh CANADA, Happy Birthday

Long weekend time here in Canada…we will all proudly wear red and white to celebrate Canada Day. Some of you might celebrate a little harder than others and to those of you I say , “Simmer down.  You’ll only regret it come Tuesday morning!”

So…Dr Oz is on my radar. I will start by saying, I like Dr Oz. I think he is what we would all love to have as our family physician. Down to earth, relatable, fun, fit, etc.  I’m starting to take issue with the show. It is a television show and that being said, it needs advertisers, paid promotions and ratings.  I get that.  It’s big business. It is sometimes at the sake of the public though.  The premise of the show is to provide an educational forum for viewers on health topics/issues.
I am starting to see that The Dr Oz show is at risk of becoming the “Jerry Springer Show” for weight loss fads.  “Lets just keep bringing out the next outrageous act.” Before you start jumping down my throat, hear me out in this, stay with me and let me explain.

Every week, there is some new product he is promoting that is great for weight loss.  Every week, week in and week out for a few years now Dr.Oz has been providing information to get the population thinner, fitter, healthier.  Here’s the kicker.  The population is still overweight and by every account, getting bigger!!

People believe him because he is a “Dr.”

I know he believes in a total body approach.  How can he not? Look at him.  But most people want the quick fix and will run out and buy/try whatever supplement that is “hot” and not heading the advice of healthy eating and exercise.  The magic potion, lotion, pill or toy.

If I told you how many emails I get a week from people who ask about products that have been on the Dr Oz show you would be shocked!

This week for example, he was highlighting the virtues of tea.  They featured three different kinds of herbal teas that claim to help with weight loss, cravings, metabolism, etc.

Here is where I have to take issue…People will watch the show, see to healthy/fit people swilling back these herbal teas and think, “I’ve got it!! There’s my answer to losing weight!”  They will rush out and buy these teas and start drinking them while still eating crap and sitting on the couch watching Dr Oz.  Then they will do it for the next supplement they see, and so on.

Dr. Oz has not cracked the code to weight loss because he has not motivated the nation to cut the crap and exercise.  I know the show highlights Dr Oz success stories and so they should but what about the millions of others??

No supplement is a solution….not now not ever!

You did this…so be responsible and take the steps to fix it. Don’t look to Dr Oz and some magic teas, pills or potions.  Lazy has to stop and common sense has to come back.

“I like to move it, move it”

Here  is what is amazing and awful at the same time.  The weight loss industry is a multi billion dollar a year industry that sells every kind of product or service but it is the only industry that people don’t revolt about not having success with.

Think about it….most people buy a weight loss product/service with such low expectations because they know it won’t work BUT THEY STILL DO IT.

People are conditioned to spend hard-earned money on something they know going in won’t likely work but they try it any way.  Some will even risk their health to try crazy products.

You would never buy a broken appliance right?

Our hope is high but our expectation is low.  The marketers of these companies have done this and we have all bought in.   Wake up call and reality check.  If a company came up with the magic touch, do you think they would let you have it?  It would end future sales of everything!  They are in the business of making money, not ending their ability to sell to you.

So when I rant and rave and SHOW YOU PROOFof what works you bet I get frustrated when you push it aside because it wasn’t on Dr Oz and or some infomercial with fabulous fit and toned people SELLING A PRODUCT, not a lifestyle……sad that common sense is gone.

Which pound would you rather have?

We teach or kids right from wrong but disregard the rules when it comes to our health??? EPIC FAIL!

Sorry…no crazy infomercial or shiny box coming from me…..just solid advice that works.
And if you read this Dr Oz, please go back to really trying to help change the mindset of America with sound advice, great facts and the harsh reality of what the North American diet and lifestyle is doing to us.




  1. Ummm, I stopped watching Dr. Oz quite a while ago. He sold out in my opinion ( he got “Poprahed”). We go to the quick fix because generally we are lazy and dont want to do the real work that comes with losing weight. The hard work (exercise), the harder work (take responsibility for your eating behaviours) and the hardest work of all (facing the emotional demons that got you fat in the first place-we all have them people, that’s why we ate).

  2. I have rarely seen a Dr. Oz show or Oprah. They both say something is great and people run by the thousands to buy it. I was in the bulk barn the other day and sitting right by the cash register was a product called Raspberry Ketones. It was recommended by you know who – the famous Dr. There were no pamphlets to take home and inform yourself. But it is being toted as a “Miracle Drug”. I said to the cashier I bet these sell like hot cakes because it has Dr. Oz’s name on it. I did not purchase it, but came home and looked it up on the computer. I have no intention of purchasing it. Another commercial that really bugs me is PGX. It is being marketed as an aid for diabetics. Want to keep your blood sugar under control- eat properly, if you choose not too, stop complaining.

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