It’s Life or death, drop the excuses!

A friend of mine, sent me a message on Twitter, (thanks @JoAnneWallace),  pointing me to Global News Toronto’s Mark McAllister (@MarkMcAllGlobal) who reported on a story about a health crisis that is griping Toronto.  And lets be realistic, it goes way beyond Toronto.

Approximately 60% of Toronotonians are listed as “inactive” and the numbers are even greater within immigrants.  There were several reasons that had been indicated in the story as possible factors for the alarming numbers.  Time, money, lack of access and more blah, blah, blah.

I’m sorry, but people, this is your health we’re talking about.  This is quality of life; quantity of life, mobility, function and honestly, this is life and death.

Obesity is on the rise at an incredible rate in all age groups and across the gender barrier.  Women are seeing rates of heart disease, stroke and diabetes at rates that were once reserved for only men.  Children are increasingly at risk of developing a lifestyle of sedentary behaviour, diabetes and for the first time in history it is anticipated that their life expectancy is going to be shorter than the lives of their parents.

Technology is making our lives faster and more convenient in everything we do.  Communication, schedules, meetings, networking, are all benefiting from the speed of smart phones, wi-fi, 3G are benefiting everything…except fitness.

Make excuses all you want.  Access to a facility…hmmm, how about the great outdoors!! It can be accessed everywhere you go. It’s free and it’s available when you are.

Walking to running, body weight to dumbbells, single or group, hills to valleys, pavement to sand.  Mother nature with some human help has given you as many, if not more options outdoors than stale gyms ever could.  Rain, snow, wind?  I could tell you all about metabolism and how inclement weather can turbo charge your workouts.  But I could also tell you how to take your exercise indoors to your kitchen.

A simple hill walk can make a difference

There are so many options available…a little education, a little commitment and a little bit more effort can be a huge difference in your health, happiness and life.

Time, money, lack of access?  You won’t have to worry about those when your dead either.

See Mark’s report here.

So tell me. What’s holding you back from taking charge of your health. Let me know.  Are there any obstacles keeping you from improving your life?




  1. From a previously inactive person this article couldn’t be more right on!! Not only is being active good for you, but it makes you feel so much better! I am so much happier since I began working out and my energy level has increased tremendously. It’s hard sometimes to find the time to workout, but the results are so worth the effort!

  2. The only thing preventing me from making healthy choices was me. I found every excuse there was to avoid exercise and eat healthy. I have beat up knees from skiing injuries in my youth and they hurt when I exercised – they hurt because I was carrying around an extra 75lbs. Once I started exercising regularly, the pain diminished. It was a difficult up-hill battle – working out 5 days a week, the only way I know how – hard core! I always had an excuse for eating too – I don’t have time to cook, I travel, or I don’t like fruits and vegetables. Well, there are ways to prepare food quick and easy and for travel and fruits and vegetables taste good after you cut out the prepared and sugar laden foods.

    Bad habits are like a comfortable bed, easy to get into but hard to get out of ~ Anonymous

    Get moving! As I’ve heard you say many times Carrie – Our bodies were made to move!!

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