I’ve talked about it for a while…here it is!!

I love the conversations that I have with my Boot Campers, personal training clients and friends through email, Facebook, news letters, Twitter, phone and of course, face to face.  But I have always wanted to do a Blog where I could have bigger conversations, post my ‘random thoughts’, educate, engage and raise awareness to make you all healthier  and help you meet your fitness goals.

So here it is!!! My Blog. Ta-da!! (Loud cheers are heard around the world)…

I will be talking about what’s happening with our Boot Camps, nutrition, exercise and general fitness.  We will have as much fun here as we do at Boot Camp.  (Have I mentioned that I really love the sound of you screaming in pain…let’s you know you’re alive and that we are having a great time together).

On a serious note, one of the other things that I believe has to be done is calling out the programs and people that are being dis-honest, less than ethical and irresponsible with your health.  We are talking about your health, your fitness, your nutrition and your overall well being.  I am a fitness professional that has dedicated two decades to helping you and I get so mad when I see programs and non-fitness professionals that do exercises which hurt you, not help you and have never studied human movement so they can’t recognize micro movements that can damage connective tissue, skeletal components and support structure.  And you thought I was just cute and cuddly. 🙂

So come back often,  ask questions and make sure you sign up for an RSS feed of this blog (over there -> at the bottom or sign up for email notifications, also over there ->.) Do it, do it now!!



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