Keto effectiveness 10X Your WEIGHT LOSS WITH KETO

Keto Effectiveness: 10 X Your Weight Loss

Keto effectiveness surpasses the results you’ll get with a standard American diet even without exercise. How does 10X more effective sound?

Researchers studied people who have or type 2 diabetes or were at risk of developing it.

The study found that people using a low carb eating plan saw the most health benefits. Even up against diets that included physical activity, the keto effectiveness was far greater.

A keto plan includes getting your calories from healthy fats, moderate protein and low carbs.

I’m not saying I support much of what Kim Kardashian does but she uses a low carb keto diet. In fact lots of celebrities whose job relies on being healthy and looking a certain way love the keo effectiveness.

Back to the study.

The results showed that their weight, body fat percentage, body mass index (BMI), blood sugar levels and ketones were significantly better than the others in the test.

Even their resting metabolic rate was more than ten times than those who ate a standard diet. That’s how fast your body burns energy when it is at complete rest.

Think about that. Keto effectiveness is 10X better even when you are at full rest!

Are All Keto Based Diets The Same?

No. The vast majority include healthy fats, moderate protein and low carb. They also include dairy, advocating cheese and milk products as good sources of protein.

Dairy isn’t a good source of protein. Milk, yogurt and cheese are also highly inflammatory which is a big problem for most people.

Many foods have far better health benefits over dairy including way better protein amounts.

Increased Keto Effectiveness?

The Flexible Keto System is one of the more popular keto based plans that doesn’t include dairy. Most people who have done the Flexible Keto System lose a good amount of weight and an impressive amount of inches in just a couple of weeks.

It is believed that the results increase even more when dairy is excluded.

Check out the Flexible Keto System here.



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