Laugh…it can help you lose weight

Losing weight and getting fit is a commitment but today we just need to laugh out loud at some Friday funnies, fitness style.

I know that if you haven’t said some of these things, you’ve probably thought them!!

I have heard this one too many times….

Excuses – Just like belly buttons…everybody has one

Now let’s work on fitting into an entire outfit!

…and they look smaller in those gigantic lobes too. Who knew ears get fat too?

I have nothin…

It can also lead to the most popular yoga position…”The flat on your face pose”

Speaking of yoga; see…yoga doesnt cut it…

The classic, “I can’t see my toes pose”

Silly skinny people..

Skinny people stop at a bite or two…the other people don’t stop at all. “Nomnomnomnom”

Have yourself a fantastic FIT FRIDAY!

Laughter burns calories, so laugh…it’s a cheap way to exercise.



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