Let’s Be Honest

We all have our priorities.

Some days the priority is just getting through the day. Making sure we work, provide and take care of our families, day to day tasks and chores. The one thing so many people fall short on making time for is their health & fitness. I KNOW I write about this alot and beating this dead horse is getting old BUT I will keep writing about it because we all need a reminder or gut check now and again…or the beatings will continue until morale improves!


So let’s be honest…

you don’t “find” that time to work out or make those healthy meals because you just don’t want to. Other things have a higher priority than your health and well being.  Since we are being honest…it really comes down to that you are too lazy to put the effort in (Im guessing that last sentence might get me some hate mail)

It is lazy.

Being healthy and fit requires effort. Effort that you have allocated to other things perhaps. Its easier to make excuses why you cant then to actually summon up the courage to do it.


I know you would stay up later to finish getting work or laundry done. You would stay up late to finish watching your favourite show. You would get up early because you have to help Jr with homework or you have to meet a friend for coffee but you won’t schedule that time so  you can be fit?! You won’t wake  up a few minutes early or go to bed just a little bit later to squeeze in a workout or make  your lunch for the next day?! WHY?

I say lazy….you likely say I’m busy, tired, sick, working, stressed, injured……insert other excuses here__________.

You change by making changes. Small changes lead to big things.


Gut check time.

You are where you are by the choices you make.

In life you sometimes have to do things you just don’t want to do…that’s life. Good times were had while you were sitting on the couch eating pizza. Its going to be hard to get going at first, but you perservere…you tough it out and you don’t quit.


…do something now.



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