Live each day like it is meant to be lived.

Yesterday the world stopped in shock and horror when the news outlets began reporting on the explosions that occurred at the Boston Marathon.

The Boston Marathon is one of these most coveted races there is. Steeped in history and tradition…it is THE race for a runner to claim as a win.

We had members of our boot camp family there in Boston staking their claim on this incredible running event and the achievement in conquering the 26.2 miles. When they called me to say they were safe, it filled me with an overwhelming sense of relief.

As a runner, I feel like someone attacked my friends. As a person, I am just horrified.

Shock doesn’t truly  begin to describe yesterday’s events.

Is nothing sacred?

To me this is another reminder that life is an amazingly precious gift.  It is meant to be lived to its fullest and it is to be conquered.  We all need to start living life to its full potential.  Start doing, not trying.  Stop making excuses and make decisions.  Stop giving up and procrastinating while you start giving it your all and being decisive.

Tell your loved ones and those that are special in your life how much you appreciate them and that you love and care about them.

Life can be snatched in the blink of an eye.

Hug everyone a little tighter and be thankful for everything.

Live a life that leaves a legacy.

born to run



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