Lower Physical Activity Standards – FAIL!

“Canadians won’t have to sweat as much to meet national physical-activity standards after experts determined that health benefits can be achieved with less effort than demanded by the existing targets that few of us are meeting.” Globe and Mail



"I'm not fat...I'm just short for my weight"

The Canadian government sees fit – (not really) to lower our standards yet again. Reducing the recommended 60 minutes of daily activity to 150 minutes weekly.  I have one word for this, SAD.


That is a SAD failure on our government’s part.  The experts that weighed in on this see lowering the goal as a way to make the goal more easily achieved, in an attempt to get more people involved.  I have one word for this, DUMB.

The World Health Organization and now the Canadian government have lowered the bar yet again.  In the midst of a world-wide obesity epidemic-this is the time you batten down the hatches and get real with the issue…not get soft…literally soft!  We are succumbing to lazy. Excuses have won yet again.

The government’s position is that the standards are not being met.  So the solution is to lower the standard?  Essentially dumb it down, or just give up; which again goes back to succumbing to lazy.

This is the time we stand strong and support, encourage and put effort in.  Not pull back and throw our hands up.  Obesity kills and it is killing people each and every day.  Canadians should be raving mad about this.  Our taxes are so high and our healthcare system is so stressed because of obesity and obesity related diseases.

How can you expect different results, (i.e healthier population) when you wont support or enforce a standard?

I am shaking my head in disbelief….

This is an epidemic.  People would rather watch an hour of the biggest loser than get up and exercise for that hour.

Daily physical education and daily physical movement is necessary. Doing away with phys ed in the schools is shameful.  We are making it easier for people to stay unhealthy and out of shape.

Effort.  What happened to that?

Learning to read requires effort, but, if you can’t read you will still graduate…good luck after that though. (standards lowered there as well.)

We are teaching this generation and the next generation that goals are unnecessary or at the very least, if you can’t achieve your goals…don’t work harder, make your goal easier to attain.

This is what is definite, the body needs to move and it needs to move daily.

I’m not saying that the government should be responsible for the health of the people in this country.  I’m saying that the government endorsing a lower standard of health is making it easier for people to choose a sedentary lifestyle.  Although, if I were responsible for paying the medical expenses for people, I might make a demand that they increase their effort.  Guess it’s easier to pay the bills then demand accountability.

I hope everyone takes responsibility for his or her own health.  Protect yourself, be smart….exercise.

Also from the article:

The Canadian Society of Exercise Physiology, the central Canadian body for fitness research, will recommend on Jan. 24 that the physical activity guidelines for children, adults and older people in Canada be revised to harmonize with those set by the World Health Organization and other major developed countries like the United States, Australia and Britain

Lets see how these countries rank in world obesity rates by percentage of population:

#1 United States – 30.6%

# 6 Australia 21.7%

# 3 Britain – 23%

# 11 Canada – 14.3%

Figures from OECD Health Data

That’s my rant for today…not meant to offend, just to educate and raise attention to a growing problem.  Agree? Disagree? Let me know your feelings.





  1. If anyone finds what you just said as offensive, they need a wake up call!!!! Our children are the most important asset we have! Do you want your child to have heart attacks or strokes at the age of 11 – 12? Not to mention numerous other diseaes related to being fat!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hey why be nice –sometimes the truth hurts. It is time we as parents take matters into our own hands. Spend more time with your children. Have family exercise periods 3 – 4 times per week. We all could stand to lose a few pounds not just the children. We also need to watch their/our food intake. If we take a stand and not buy the quick and fatty fixes – maybe the big comglomerates will get the hint as well!!!!

    We want our children to be the best that they can be! Healthy and happy.

    I know I sound like that I am on the soapbox preaching but it is time!!! 🙂

  2. I was surprised to read this in the Globe and Mail last night.

    I’m not even sure any Canadians were aware of such a number – I didn’t realize that there was. I asked my boyfriend – he wasn’t aware either.

    Number or no number the government should be encouraging fitness.

    Did you know that the tax benefit for kids for the sports (not sure of the name) now includes any activity? Now I have nothing against piano lessons – but they do nothing for the physical activity that this credit was originally meant for.

    Thanks for letting me rant!

  3. So what exactly is the point of this standard? It is that people can expense so many hours of participation in a pain exercise program as part of their taxes 🙂 or is it that they create those standards in order to have some type of fake statistics so they can say “look more Canadians are fit now because they meet the standard of physical activity” 🙁

    This is the first time I hear about a standard like that and not sure who actually follows it and for what purpose. If we feel crappy because we are fat,meeting the standard will not make us feel happy 🙂

    What the government should be concerned about is creating more walkable communities and affordable exercise programs instead of wasting their time on writing theory no one cares about. Just my opinion. Keeping fit is so much easier in Europe for example because you can walk to everything you need or use a bicycle instead of a car.

    1. That is a great point….what is the purpose of this standard!?
      Not many people were even aware of a standard. Now the government is giving an excuse to be less active……its a shame!

  4. I don’t feed my family the way they should eat all the time. I do spoil the kids a little and make some things easier (not that they would ever agree). I do drive them places that they could walk to – sometimes. But, this is such a rant-worthy topic, I can’t help but chime in! It might be interesting to look at the obesity rates by country over the past 10 years and I would guess the trend is very scary! I bet this isn’t any great surprise which is even more infuriating given this latest government compromise of our health and well-being. When things are too hard to fix or pay for, is the answer to cut them, compromise them or do away with them all together? (We wouldn’t take that approach with our cars – we’d have to walk everywhere – ha ha.) I don’t want to imagine what type of educators, health care workers, engineers, corporate leaders, construction workers, etc., we would raise without sports programs, arts, and a deteriorating level of education because they’re too tired and unfit to learn or too lazy to make an effort and be the best they can. I hope I never see the day that health lessons in schools focus more on the diseases the kids are dealing with instead of focusing on their young, healthy bodies and how to keep them healthy!

  5. All I can say is “shocking”!
    I watched one of those shows over the holidays where they had to cut the walls down to get the person out of their house because they were so big! How scary is that?
    Our government should be doing everything it can to help get kids and families exercising. Lowering the standards isn’t going to help.

  6. Sure, it’s sad that Canada is lowering it’s standards because Canadians can’t meet them. It seems to be the Canadian way (except in Hockey). Yes, Canada should be spending more money on health and fitness education. You would think that a country with health care benefits would want their citizens healthy!

    Just like to say… I knew those standards existed and do you think I cared? Nope. I was a beer drinking, non-exercising, tv watching slob and I was pretty happy. It took a bad physical and nearly passing out tying my shoes to give me a wake up call!! I knew I was eating wrong – I learned about the food groups in school. I knew I should have been exercising – I started gaining weight and losing energy when I stopped exercising – after I was done highschool.

    What’s my point? I don’t really have one – just thinking out loud…. I really dont care what the government standards are. My standards will always be my own. Education matters. Standards don’t.

    K…. Thats all for now. 😉

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