Maybe governments do need to dictate

I usually like to do Friday Fitness Funnies but I saw a tweet yesterday that got me fired up, so you’ll have to wait for the funny, while I bring you the serious

The gist of the tweet was that government should have no business in having any say in what people eat.   It was actually 5 tweets in total because the tweeter could not summarize their thoughts, kind of lame in and of itself.  Perhaps, the person should have posted their little rant on Facebook.

A week ago Mayor Bloomberg of NYC laid out his plan to ban sugary sodas…( pop for us Canadians. )

Holy outrage…this created a media firestorm.

The outrage was stupid for lack of a better word.  If people actually read or listened to his position, it is not to ban soda/pop, it is to reduce the serving size….so buh-bye big gulps.  If you want a 32oz sugary soda at a restaurant, it will have to be served in 2 glasses.

Here is an interview he did:

People are DYING from obesity related diseases….you know heart disease, diabetes.
The government has to step in because obesity is costing US billions…billions with a B.
These are preventable diseases and the public is getting mad because they want to limit how much sugar you suck back.  Nanny state? Maybe, but when the people can’t, won’t don’t make decisions in their best interest that effect all of us, maybe the government does need to step in.
I don’t want to be taxed any more and I don’t want to pay for you and all of your tests because you are too lazy to get up and exercise everyday and I don’t want to pay for your laziness because you are too lazy to cook a meal.
People have the right to choose…..
McDonalds is not forcing people to eat at their restaurants….they are servicing the demand.  If people weren’t buying they would not be selling.

Rounder McDonald

Many people in society choose lazy.  Health and being healthy is not a concern to them.

Go out and lap them!

The stats should scare you straight but so many people are ignoring them.
The government has to step in because what is going on now is not working.
I know a few of you are saying “you can’t tell me what to eat.”
Well, someone has to because you are not making the right choices that are in your best interest, so I’m making a stand for what is in my best interest.  I would prefer my tax dollars to help the needy, not the lazy.  I want the money that goes to treating health care issues that are truly preventable to research the things that are not preventable.
IT IS JUST FLIPPIN’ FOOD….. that seems to have become a drug for many.
You have to exercise – end of discussion.  You have to eat right, healthy and for nutrition, not for your ‘fix’.
People have turned food which is fuel, into a drug as addicting as meth.
Food is the most widely ABUSED anti anxiety drug and exercise is the most  potent and under utilized anti-depressant.
Remember the quote from Austin Powers character, “I eat because I’m fat and I’m fat because I eat, it’s a vicious cycle.” Break the cycle, eat great food, nutritious food, healthy food.
STOP IT….food will not fix your emotional problems and any satisfaction you get from eating high fat food is temporary while the effects can be long term.

OK, Friday Fitness Funny…but so true!




  1. I think you’re absolutely right on all counts! Food never ever fixes your emotional problems. Trust me – I’ve yo-yo dieted my whole life and the ONLY thing that has ever worked has been eating clean and exercising. Stress eating helps NO ONE and the stress is still there when you’re done being foolish. As for government, it’s their responsibility to protect the population – especially those that can’t protect themselves. Soda or pop is complete poison! Why would anyone ever have a problem with it being banned from schools? I have no idea why people feel that the right to choose pop should overwrite the right of their kids to live a long and healthy life. Complete stupidity if you ask me! (Sorry for the mini rant)

  2. Great post Carrie, I totally agree with you! Obesity is killing us! And the health care cost will be crippling compared to cancer etc.

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