Meal by Meal

The holiday season is in full swing, which means parties, treats, decadant drinks in seasonal red cups.

Some of you will still be cautious and some of you have already thrown caution into the wind and will worry about the consequences on Jan 1.

Let’s keep this simple. If you want / need to lose weight you get through it meal by meal.

You make each meal a success. Make each meal a win. Its a game…you need a strategy and a plan.



Each bad decision, which means every bad meal or bad choice sets you back. When you go to workout you might burn through that meal and not touch any of that stored fat. Keep making those bad decisions and … well, you know

Is it really worth it? Its not.

Losing any amount of weight is tough why keep punishing yourself by making it worse by making bad decisions. Let’s be honest, why play with your health or your life expectancy because you can’t say no to some cake or mashed potatoes?!

Get through each meal. 

Its easier to tackle a meal then to think about those 25lbs that need to leave your body.

Your body doesnt change until you do. Thinking that a helping of this or a cookie here or there wont set you back, it will. 



Only have healthy choices in the house. Pack your lunches. Have snacks on hand if you are running late. Have a game plan. Its not that complicated.



You determine if your weight changes. You are the one person who wins or loses….its all on you.





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