Make that fire burn!

Metabolism…We’ve all heard the word. But how many of you actually know what metabolism is and how it effects your bodies ability to burn fat?


I could pull out the Medical description of it, but it honestly makes my head hurt when I read about it.  (Not a big fan of polysyllabic words).  I can tell you all about the break down of source energy, (in humans we call that food), how the food is torn down into microbial size, transformed into useable source (nutrients) and then delivered where it is needed in the body for specific purposes.

In simple terms, your body can’t absorb a steak, but through digestion, the addition of certain enzymes and further simplification, your body can absorb and use the amino acids that make up a steak into providing energy for muscles.

Usually when we talk about metabolism we most commonly hear that ‘so and so’ can eat like a horse and never gain a pound because their metabolism is so fast.  People with a slow metabolism will be prone to having a lot of what they eat get stored as future energy…aka Fat.  People with a fast metabolism enjoy the comfort of knowing a lot of what they eat gets used immediately for energy…aka Skinny B….ARGHHHHH

But, did you know that how and what you eat can influence your metabolic rate?  You can also have control of that rate through proper attention to your muscles…Your goal for either weight loss or weight management should be to create a fast burning metabolism.  Why?

The faster your metabolism, the greater capacity you will have to use energy without it being stored as fat.  There are foods that you can eat that actually help you do just that.  But doing it just with proper nutrition is like starting your car and just letting it idle in the driveway.  You are burning through fuel but at a slow and steady rate.  To boost the fuel burn, you have to make the engine work.  The best way to make the engine of your body work is to add resistance training to your fitness plans.

Fat is converted (metabolized) in the muscles.  The more muscle you have the more fat burning capacity your body has.  When you eat the proper amount of food, your body doesn’t hold onto that food in fear of going into starvation.  You have enough source to fuel your body and a great capacity for burning fat.

Did you know you could easily control your own metabolic rate.  Were you under the belief that when you hit 30 your metabolic rate just started to naturally slow and you had no control over it? Let me know.

Coming next…why diet programs are designed to help you fail.




  1. I am awaiting that list of fat-burning foods … I am guessing I won’t see cookies, cake, muffins, ice cream, and of course, wine as friends of my metabolism?

    1. Ha ha!!! The list is coming…but you will have to wait a little longer. Uhmmm, nope, just looked at the list. None of those evils you mentioned are on it. But some of the things on it will surprise and excite you! …Seriously.

  2. I’m letting you know that I was under the …
    Were you under the belief that when you hit 30 your metabolic rate just started to naturally slow and you had no control over it? Let me know.

    what happens at 40 ?

  3. Hi Carrie. Yes me too. I can hardly wait for the “list”, even though I have read some lists!!!! Keep it up kiddo. You are doing such a great service .

  4. I never thought for a second I would be smaller at 35 than ever before! Even as a teen I was much bigger. I control my metabolism now!! Cannot thank you enough Carrie! 🙂

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