Monday Motivation

Monday =  fresh new start. 

New week ahead. Time to make changes.

Changes can be small but they make an impact.

Healthy meals, drinking water instead of soda, working out, staying positive.

Try this today, then do it again tomorrow and again and again!!!

If you want to change how you look and feel…start here.






  1. As always I love your information. I went to the CNE on Sunday and was pretty proud of myself. I brought apples, water, raw veggies and only purchased a sandwich. I filled my bottle with water and was proud of me considering the food fest that I faced.

    1. Way to go Mo!! The food at teh CNE and fairs is sooooooo tempting but after you eat it you feel so guilty and gross!!! Way to go on being prepared and not giving into cravings!!! Super proud of you!

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