Monday Move It – Inspiration

Welcome back to another Monday.  Friday, Saturday and Sunday are behind us and hopefully we didn’t make too many mistakes in our health and fitness plans.  If you did, well, Monday is your start over day.  But its really not a start over; its a continuation of where you left off.  Maybe you hit a bump in the road on your journey to being the you that you have set your goals to be. Time to get back on track.

The only time we fail is when we quit.  The only time we give up is when the journey seems to be more than we can take.   If you think you can’t keep going call me…I’ll carry you when you need the extra support.

If you let yourself down, don’t worry…just don’t repeat it.  Pick yourself up, dust yourself off and start all over again.  (love that saying).

For those of you that stayed on your plan and keep moving towards your goals…CONGRATULATIONS!

Here is some inspiration for everyone.




  1. Oh my goodness!!!!!!!! What a great video clip. This surely will be an inspiration to those who may use SOME of those excuses. I just loved it!
    JUST DO IT!!!!!

  2. Very inspiring! I used to use some of those excuses but now I look forward to bootcamp and getting moving everyday!

  3. It is indeed very inspirational. Your post uplifts my spirit to pursue my goal in hiking. Whatever our goal in life, we must stay focus and keep moving towards our goal. You’re right. It’s time to get back on track.

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