More than a marathon.

Here it comes! Christmas is gone so the next thing to happen is one great big exciting massive party! The fireworks, the confetti cannons, the music, the chEARs, the countdown. Disney Marathon Weekend…here we come! T-minus 11 days!

I have done many races across Canada and the US and by far, the runDisney race events are my favourites. Yes, I’m biased because I just plain ‘ol love Disney!  I also love running.  Put them both together and you get runDisney!!

runDisney brings athletes and runners, walkers and joggers together and they form a community that is almost like a second family.  You know…the kind of family that you like to be around. The support, encouragement, camaraderie, Goofyness (like Happyness) that I have found by being a runDisney runner has been incredible. These race events are like a reunion!

Last year I was able to attend the Pasta in the Park Party and it was great. I loved being with my friends and fellow runners at a buffet in Epcot.  A buffet, plus Epcot = perfect!

Great food, not just pasta, character meet and greets followed by IllumiNations made for a night to remember. If you are going to be taking part in Marathon Weekend this is a great party to take in. Travelling with a group and the need to appease everyone and their picky food choices? This is your answer!

Did you know that the VIP race retreat has a Mary Poppins theme…now that’s Supercallifragilisticexpialidocious! (did I spell that right?!)

See you really soon Mary!

See you real soon Mary!

Take a holly jolly holiday before and after your race….yes please!  Nothing could be more supercalifragilisticexpialidocious—yes, I had to use that awesome word again–how often do you get to say that much less try to type it!!  If you haven’t experienced the race retreat, I am here to tell you it is a *must do* experience. It’s a lot like deciding to go on vacation or to go on an all inclusive vacation!

The VIP race retreat has you covered for all of your needs. If any of you know me through my blog or in person you know I am a germaphobe. 2 words…PRIVATE RESTROOMS.  The VIP race retreat has private restrooms.  Need I say more? Cue the sound of the angels as they sang on high!  I know, it doesn’t seem like it can get better but it does.

Other perks that seal the deal for me are food–A spoon full of sugar, will take the soreness away, thanks Mary! pre and post race. After a morning race I’ll be looking for some hot coffee and real protein rich food.  No offense to bananas and bagels, they get the job done before the race but after? I’ll want some food and to sit down at a table to eat it. Not on the ground waiting for my pals. That’s another key perk, if you know you are going to be waiting around you might as wait around in a controlled temperature tent…complete with chairs, food, stretching area, massage, self treatment/first aid and changing area.

When I finish running 48.6 miles I’ll be looking to regroup in comfort.

Aaaaannnd in case you didn’t know, this year at the VIP race retreat you’ll receive 2014 Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend commemorative socks and a towel plus, Disney character meet & greets.  One on one time with characters?  Bring on the hugs and photo ops—yay selfies!

I can’t wait to see everyone. If you have any questions, please let me know. Tweet or Facebook me and let me know you’re coming.  Let’s put together a tweet up/meet up!! I would love to meet you and give you a hug…Im a hugger just like Lotso…but I will smell like Purell not strawberries 😉




  1. Glad to see you’re doing the Dopey!!! We (my husband and I) are doing it as well. So exciting that it’s so close! I am really ready for some warm weather. Went for a run this morning and was still cold even after a hot shower.

    I’d be up for a meet up – I’ve been following your posts (and re-quoting you) for years. Would be nice to finally meet you.

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