No such thing as failure.

Life at times can be unpleasant.
Without these unpleasant experiences the victories would not feel as great.

On your path in life, unpleasant things will happen.
They might leave scars, but the scar is a reminder. Learn from it.



Failure is subjective. I say that it’s almost impossible to fail.



Most things in life are not a one and done opportunity.

Not everything works the first time. It’s your choice to keep trying until you figure out what works.

You either succeed or you quit.

100 shots


What was the last thing you “failed” at.

Did you really fail? Or, did you just stop trying?

quit succeed


When you change the way you think about things, you can change your life.



2015 is the year. This is the time to actually change.

Be unstoppable. Don’t quit. Try harder. Believe.



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