No wonder people are confused about health and fitness

Over the last week I have read several articles about and a couple of studies about health and fitness. Specifically, diet and exercise were my primary focus.

The differences in the pieces that I have been reading are like night and day and it got me to thinking that because of the garbage that is out there, no wonder so many people are confused about the best ways to reach their health and fitness goals.

Hmmm… are you confused?


According to what I read, the best way to lose weight is through the foods you eat.  If you eat well-balanced meals, if you drink a shake, if you take these supplements you can lose weight.  You don’t need to even think about exercise while the pounds and inches just magically disappear.  Really?

Pills, potions and lotions


According to several top researchers, all you need to do to lose weight is exercise.  Lift heavy weight, lift light weight lots of times.  Run for miles on a treadmill, take a yoga class, spin on a brass pole, air box.  These will guarantee rapid weight loss…so some people say.  Who cares about what you eat! In fact, eat lots of food and don’t worry about it being good and healthy food, just eat! Really?

Donut think so


  1. No amount of exercise will make up for a crappy diet.  Food is fuel and if you are going to exercise, you have to re-fuel your body with the stuff.  You don’t put diesel fuel in a gas engine right? So why put crap in your body?
  2. Exercise builds and maintains lean muscle mass.  The muscles are where you will primarily burn energy (aka fat) when you are losing weight.  The more lean muscle mass, the more fat you can burn, so it stands to reason that by exercising you can burn more fat, faster.
  3. Your body is a genius at figuring out how to get by with what it has going for it.  Not enough food? It slows down metabolism and stores every bit of extra energy (fat) that it can to get by.
  4. Your body will adjust itself to your caloric intake so that it works with what is available and pretty soon, you’ll be putting on weight again (unless you starve yourself).
  5. Proper diet + Sensible Exercise = Health & Fitness

    This PLUS



That’s it! There you go.  Confusion gone.  A proper diet is incredibly important for proper health and exercise is necessary to use that nutrition to make a better, stronger healthier you.

They go together, so forget the garbage about one or the other…the answer is both!

Oh and by the way… wonder what the reason “experts” have such different views?  That’s easy.

  • Food manufacturers and food product suppliers depend on you eating crappy food.  They have a vested interest in you eating more.
  • Gym facilities depend on you spending your money there but never walking through the doors.  They bank on that and lock you into contracts then if you do go there, introduce you to someone who texts their friends during your time and counts to 10 while looking at everyone but you!
  • Who do you think is funding the research that is skewed?



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