Not so lucky if you let your kids eat this!

For me food is food. Actual, real food.  I admit, I am a supporter of “Green face” eating. Green face means that your food is grown or it has a face.  Don’t get hung up on the face part.

Lean sources of protein and an array of veggies.

That is the opposite of faux food.  That is the “food” that is all manufactured food.  It’s been created food.  It comes in many wonderful colours, has wonderful sounding names and generally has an incredible marketing budget behind it so that you’ll be more likely to buy it based on “pretty”.

One of the faux foods that tops my list is cereal. If there is a cartoon on the box, it is a red alert not to eat it!!

Food manufacturers are trying to lure parents in by saying that these sugary concoctions to start your day are “better” because they are now made with whole grains. Ummm, not really.  The great thing about labeling laws is that  you can say things (over inflate) that only need to be part true.  In that sugary bowl of mess, you might get 1 gram of fiber. Having an apple will get you a minimum of 4 grams of fiber.

Not so lucky are ya

Lucky Charms are on my hit list today. If you are feeding this “cereal” to your kids, you will be “lucky” if they don’t end up with a weight problem.
Let’s keep this real shall we.

It’s a bowl of candy you are serving to your kids. Brightly coloured marshmallows–that’s candy.

You jack your kids blood sugar sky-high first thing in the morning, so they crash at school.  Then they start looking for another hit of sugar to keep the high going #addict.

So, let’s go over what are in these brightly coloured sugar bombs. Yellow dye #5 & 6.  That sounds yummy…yellow dye. Studies have indicated that Yellow 5&6 as potential causes of behavioural problems and hyperactivity. Add that to the spike in blood sugar and it’s no wonder why ADHD is being misdiagnosed.

Here’s another tasty ingredient that is in your not so lucky charms.  Trisodium Phospate. This delish add-in is found in many toilet bowl cleaners….oh yes, toilet cleaner!  Maybe appropriate if your child has a potty mouth, but…

Now I know a lot of people will be calling me a fear monger……the truth hurts. If you want to stay in denial, well, so be it.  But, these manufactured foods are toxic and dangerous and consumption year after year will add up.

If you are investing money into your children’s future with academics, sports, RESP’s, then why, WHY, would you knowingly feed them garbage?

Take the time to make food, good food.  Healthy eating habits will last a life-time…do everything you can to make it a long life.



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  1. We are friends with a family who had a child diagnosed with ADHD many years ago. My husband did some research and found eating real food would decrease the need for medicine. The parents response was that’s too much work. How sad that most of society feels that way. Many people claim to cook but take frozen prepared dinners from the grocery store out to reheat.

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