November…Countdown to Christmas

I am a firm believer that you don’t talk about Christmas until after Halloween.  Well, November 2nd is after Halloween so let the chatter begin!  I will ask my American friends to forgive me.  I know that we are supposed to wait until after the US Thanksgiving, but if Target can have Christmas stuff on display in October…we can talk about it now.

Let’s recap what has happened recently:

1)   Thanksgiving (Canada)

2)   Halloween

And that’s just the introduction to the binge festivities.  Next:

3)   Christmas Baking

4)   Christmas Parties

5)   Christmas Cheer

6)   Christmas

7)   New Years Parties

8)   New Years Resolution!

By my figuring, we are 7 weeks away from Christmas and 8 weeks from promising yourself (again) that you will lose weight, get healthier, join a gym, feel better, look better, blah, blah, blah and blah.  You are then about 12 weeks from destroying all your New Years Resolutions.

Now that we have that straight, make a choice right now.  You are seven weeks away from Christmas.  You could be 15 pounds heavier, 15 pounds lighter of somewhere in between depending on the choice you make.

Here is your choice.

Eat properly, exercise smartly and rest effectively


Eat crap, forget exercise and sleep when you can.

That’s it…simple right? No? Sure it is.  Do you have to stick your hand inside the kids Halloween Treat Bag? NO.  Do you have to sample every Christmas treat you bake? NO!  Do you have to drink alcohol on amounts that you never would normally, just because you are at a dinner or party? NO!

You do have to choose…fat or fit.  Sick or healthy.  Tired or rested.

So what are you going to do?  Excuse your way into the holiday season and promise yourself (again) that next year will be different?  Or are you going to run into Christmas healthy, happy and fit and save your News Years Resolution for something fantastic that you really want to do?

Make November your MOVEmber! Get yourself going.  Take a brisk walk, do a bedroom boot camp, try the 6 minute move it, show up to Boot Camp!!!…do something!  The more you move, create resistance for your muscles and strengthen your heart and lungs, the happier you will feel! So try it, get MOVING in MOVEmber!





  1. Holiday festivities, which are just around the corner, are a little like the hood ornament on a car. It’s much too short-sighted and if I fixate on the ornament, and hit a slippery patch, I might drive off the road! Instead, I try to think of the route beyond the hood of my car — where am I headed and what shape do I want to be in when I get there?

  2. For the month of November, my boyfriend and I are giving up alcohol completely. No beer, no wine, nothing for 30 days. One of the things we always do together on weekends, is have drinks, so this will be a challenge, but we know together nothing will stop us from achieving this goal.

  3. So … I’m new to Boot Camp and survived. I do need to stay on track for the upcoming weeks and celebrations.

    My gift to myself … boot camp at least twice a week! Thanks for the motivation Carrie!

  4. 15 pounds EH! If I take your blog to heart and lose 15 pounds by Christmas, I will weigh less than 200 pounds by Christmas. That will be 44 pounds less than I weighed last Christmas. Okay, since I wrote it, now I have to do it. See you in the morning Carrie.

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