OptimusPrime you’re not…but you can be a Transformer!

Now that's a machine

The human body is an extra ordinary machine.  I mean, show me another machine that gets stronger the more you work it. The more you challenge it responsibly, the stronger it is, the more efficient it works and the better it responds.  Leave it alone and ignore it’s desire to work and it actually breaks down.

When it breaks down its through disease and obesity which are both offset and minimized through consistent effort and exertion.  When you don’t challenge your machine it deteriorates.  The tissues that keep it strong and fight obesity give up and the result is less muscle and bone mass.

Some people get to that point and decide they need to reduce the calories they take in and go on some sort of diet, or take a potion, pill or some other quick fix which only leads to greater problems.  Short term fixes for a long-term problem mean only one thing…bigger long term problems that become harder to fix.  Laziness may be what got you where you are…do you actually think being even lazier is going to help? Come on, give me a break!

If you are able to move, then move! Simple.  If your weight or mobility issues challenge that, then move!  Even simple arm raises in a chair or leg raises will start to get your body going again.  Little steps can lead to a long journey!

Your body is a gift…treat it like one. Take care of it and cherish it.  You only get one.

You want the secret to weight loss and good health?  It doesn’t come from a pill, or a well-crafted advertisement that makes unrealistic promises. It doesn’t come from a box of pre-packaged meals or a juice that magically cleans you out.  The secret comes from within you!

Set a goal, lay out how you will achieve that goal and anything that goes against your goal is not acceptable.

Remember these ten simple things about exercise:

  1. Exercise increases your metabolism.
  2. Exercise burns calories
  3. Exercise helps you sleep and manage stress better.
  4. Exercise (resistance training) maintains or builds muscle.
  5. Exercise increases bone density.
  6. Exercise helps prevent diabetes and assists in controlling blood sugar
  7. Exercise improves heart, circulation and lung health.
  8. Exercise improves mood, helps relieve depression and increases self-esteem
  9. Exercise increases mobility and quality of life as you get older
  10. Exercise helps you keep the weight off long-term.

Exercise makes this happen

Your body naturally slows down as you age.  Your metabolism decreases over time all on its own.  Exercise offsets that process and counteracts the effect of aging.

There is no secret anymore.  This is what the diet industry does not want you to know.  You can control your weight challenges without them.  You choose what to eat.  You choose how much you want to move and you don’t need them! You can do it!! I’ve done it.  Trust me, because your success is what matters to me.

You can do it!!




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