Pay it Forward Friday – FREE weight loss coaching call

How THIN do you REALLY want to get?

If you could push a button and get all the way down to the weight you know deep down you’d REALLY like to be at, what would you weigh?

Most people “lie” to themselves when they think about how much weight they’d like to lose. They say “I’d like to lose 15 or 20 pounds.” But, when we get 60 pounds over-weight or more, 20 pounds is barely noticeable (which is one of the reasons why we tend to keep gaining weight – adding another five pounds is hard to notice).

BUT… If you’d like to finally get ALLLLLL the way down to your fittest, most confident weight, once and for all AND… If you’d like to get my personal support to make it happen, then check this out… For a limited time I’m offering a special “Finally Thin Forever” Coaching Session (a $250 value) for ZERO COST.

It is my Pay It Forward Friday.

During this powerful, one-on-one coaching session, we’ll work together to…

=> Create a crystal clear vision for the ideal life you’ll be living in your new, fit, slim,  & confident body.

=> Uncover hidden challenges that may be sabotaging your weight loss efforts and keeping you fat.

=> Leave this session renewed, inspired, and ready to finally lose all of the weight you want- once and for all.

To claim your special  session today, simply email me ([email protected]) and answer these questions:

  1. How long have you been struggling to lose weight?

  2. On a scale of zero to 10 how important is it for you to lose weight and keep it off once and for all?

  3. What have you tried doing to lose weight in the past?

  4. What happened with those approaches?

  5. What do you see as your biggest challenge with weight loss?

Be sure to include your name, phone number and email address so I can get back to you within the next 24 to 48 hours to schedule your one-on-one call.

PS: The sooner you send me your answers, the more likely you are to get a session. I can only take so many people and I want to help those who are serious.

P.S.S: why am I doing this? I know so many people are struggling and discouraged. I wish I would’ve had someone help me years ago when I needed to lose 100lbs.




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