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I picked up a nail in my tire today so my husband took my truck to get the tire fixed. He had about a half hour wait in what can be described as a man’s ‘paradise’.  You know, one of those places with tools, car accessories, sporting goods, etc. One of those places that has a lot more than just tires.

While he was waiting he asked me on Twitter if I wanted some incredible super special saw.  Naturally I told him that I didn’t need one so he asked if I wanted some air tools and a thing to make them work.  Again, no.  He stopped asking after I said,

Now I get that power tools make work easier, more efficient and faster.  I thought about what it must have been like to build a house, create furniture or work on cars fifty years ago when no one used or had power tools.  People worked their muscles in ways that they just don’t anymore.  Easier, more efficient and faster.

That’s kind of like what fitness has become.  Easier, more efficient and faster.  And just like the laborers of today compared to those of yesteryear, people don’t work their muscles like they used to anymore.

Walk into a fitness club now and you are likely to see equipment that assists it’s users make their exercise routines easier, more efficient and faster. But at what cost.  You sit in a machine and move specific parts of your body.  No requirement for your stabilizing muscles to work.  You get on a treadmill that has a motor to assist you to walk or run. I remember as a kid we ran outside and propelled ourselves across the ground.  Now the ground propels past us under our feet.  You can sit yourself on a table with pulleys, bearings, cables and rollers to glide through natural movement.  All of it…easier, more efficient and faster.  And what do we have to show for it?  A society of over weight, out of shape hamsters on wheels.

How can we ask our children to get outside and play and turn off the Wii or XBox while we go to an air conditioned building, slip on our designer work out gear, and go for a power assisted walk while listening to an MP3 player, watching the TV drinking our sugar laden energy drink.

I have seen people spend thousands of dollars in clubs and gyms and at the end of a year not have changed their bodies at all, losing only money, but no weight and in some cases losing a little self esteem as well, feeling like they failed.

Chances are you didn’t know what you needed so you enrolled in the facilities personal training program and the staff at your club were no help.  For the most part, many club staff are nothing more than people who can count to ten and flirt with the other customers and staff.

You don’t need easier, more efficient and faster.  You need results.  You don’t need fancy equipment, you need knowledge to achieve results.  You don’t need a twenty teen year olds counting to ten, you need someone who cares about you to educate you providing knowledge so you can achieve results.

What do you think.  Have you ever had a bad experience with a club or never achieve the results you expected or paid for.  Let me know.  I’d love to hear your story.




  1. I have to admit, I tried going to a gym. However, I didn’t even make it through a full year, my self esteem was degraded much more quickly than that. Not only was I not losing any weight or gaining cardio endurance or muscle, I just felt uncomfortable there.

    I was/am not self motivated to do exercise. I felt that if I paid for the gym membership, I would go. That was not the case. My level of discomfort outweighed my need to get the most out of my money. I was intimidated by some of the machines. Sure, some nice buff man in tight gym wear showed me how to use them once but it wasn’t enough to ease my discomfort. Then, I felt like a loser around the regular gym goers – as Carrie mentioned, in their designer wear – while I covered up as much of my overweight body in my loose sweats.

    I tried a few classes, thinking that I needed a group environment and someone to motivate me. Well, there sure was a large group but the instructors did not take the time to help us new-comers with movements. They were just interested in getting their routine done and certainly were not motivating.

    I know I will never go back!

  2. Hi Carrie,
    I am in Vancouver teaching a seminar. Yestereday I took the sky train to Granville street and strolled around the downtown core.

    Vancouver is a beautiful city, and there are so many positive vibes left over from the olympics. The participants in the seminar were excellent.

    All of the refreshments available at the seminar were high in sodium and sugar and very few healthy choices available.

    The food was great and on day one we could make our own sandwiches, so that was a healthier choice.

    In the evening however, I resorted to my bad ways and usually had a steak and couple of Alexandar Keith’s.

    The topic I was teaching was how to write documents, so during one exercise I broke them into groups to write about a topic I assigned them – I asked one group to write everything they know about about Boot Camps. Very interesting discussion ensued.

    Anyway, I can hardly wait for boot camp on Tuesday evening.

    Enjoy your day,


    1. Hey Glynn.
      So glad to hear that you are getting a chance to enjoy Vancouver while you are inspiring others to be better! I am so glad that you are recognizing the simple dangers that are hiding everywhere in the foods we eat and the beverages we drink. Making the best of bad choices that are available is a good move. Sometimes that is all that we can do and every little bit helps. But, the Keith’s?? Come on…if your choices were Keith’s or Turpentine, you made the better of a bad choice, but…water with lemon, green tea?
      Oh well, I guess we can do a couple of extra suicides to make up for that! 😉
      I would love to know more about the Boot Camp discussions! See you Tuesday!!!

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