Results…that’s what you want.

Pop quiz:

  1. If you took your measurements once a week and saw a lower number would you continue doing what you are doing?
  2. If you stepped on the scale and saw no change in the numbers but could visibly see a change in your body, would you continue doing what you are doing? 
  3. Would you work out harder, stay on track with your food, be more committed if you experienced noticeable results?

Time’s up….the short answer is YES to all of the above.

The reason…RESULTS!

When you experience results that fuels your motivation to keep on keepin’ on!! There is nothing more motivating than results!

I know both sides and I can tell you as I have said many times, nothing tastes as good as how I feel being fit.

Here is where I have to shake my head.  I see people, yes former boot campers who are doing the latest and greatest fad and their bodies have not changed for the good.  Often, they are worse off then the last time I saw them.

How can you continue on doing the same thing with no results? Maybe because it’s easy, its convenient, your pals are doing the same thing, you aren’t required to push yourself beyond your comfort zone.

There are tons and tons of programs that claim to be the best program for fat loss, but are they?  I think it is truly amazing that after all of these years, very smart people still fall for lies, scams and BS. I think we all have that high hope that this new product/program is the fat loss magic bullet but in reality are expectations are low knowing full well that it isn’t.

Quiz time again!!!

  1. Have you seen people or have you been one of those people who says they are going to walk off the weight and go for a 5km walk each and every day and still no results?
  2. Have you seen people (or have you been )one of those people that do extreme or crazy diets lose a few pounds and just to gain it all and more back?
  3. Have you seen people starve themselves (something I cannot even comprehend) and royally screw up their metabolism and not have any results and in fact GAIN weight?

Sure you have….we all know these people or we are one of these people.

So after all of that, then what happens?? NOTHING HAPPENS AND YOU QUIT, YET AGAIN! 

I don’t blame you, I have been there and I have tried it all as well.  The weight loss industry is the only industry that can continually sell programs/products/fads with NO RESULTS and people keep buying and believing.

I preach and will continue to preach about old school methods because they work….we get results-end of story.

Eating real food and working your muscles the way they need to work produces results—not a lot of glitter or sparkles.

Take a good look at what you are doing and come to terms with why you are not getting the results you actually want.

You need a solid commitment–stop being a fitness and food flake! Stop wasting your time and money on fast fixes.

The one thing that you need to help keep you on the “wagon” is results.

Commit to doing and being better and watch out, those results will be coming in like a gangster trying to hold up a 7-11…fast, furious and leaving dust trail behind!



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