September…the new January

September is the new January

Not only is it Tuesday, but it is first day of school here in Ontario… well at least for the public school board where I live. Some school boards need one more day before they back to it.

My kids are happy to go to school, which I am very thankful for.
I was able to spend a lot of time with them this summer so today I’m sad….it is weird not to have them here.  And no, not weird enough for me to sit outside of their school or have some delusional thoughts of home schooling.  Will I be at the bus stop early?  YES, you know I will!

Will I Will I squeeze them extra tight when they get off the bus?  YES YES YES!

September for us is the official start of a new school year and for many people, it is actually an unofficial start of a new year altogether!

When it comes to health and fitness people set “goals” in January… the “New Year Resolutions”.  They then abandon them in February, book a holiday in March, agonized in April about fitting into shorts, tanks and bathing suits.  Much ado about nothing in May except the unofficial kick off of summer and opening the warm weather drink and BBQ fest!

Along comes June, the official start of summer people throw themselves into bbqs, parties, etc.  To heck with fitting into summer clothes, it’s too late now.  July continues along the same lines   and finally, August is the last-ditch effort to party, socialize, “relax” before September and the start of a new year: School, sports/activities, etc.

October is the month of candy, a total write off because you have to start buying candy the first week of October and have no willpower not to touch it.   Oh and Thanksgiving (in Canada) another food fest that lasts days followed by the November stress….holiday party dresses that don’t fit, the start of Christmas shopping and bulky warm, layered clothes.

If you havent been working out until now, you think, ” Why exert myself now during such a stressful season?”  December-party, party,party; food, food, food, drink, drink, drink.  Then we land safely back at January where you vow to yourself, “It will be different this year!  This time I’ll be committed.”

Yada, yada, yada…….
vicious cycle.  I have heard it all and seen it all.

Let this month, this week be a new beginning for you.
Don’t over book your days (or your kids for that matter).  Schedule time to prepare your meals and plan your fitness…make time for you in the schedules.

Take care of your health and weight now so that you don’t wake up with 20 extra pounds on your body, wondering how it happened.

September is the new January.  Have a defined goal, not a fluffy one ( “I want to lose weight”)

A defined goal is,  “I want to lose 20lbs by Nov 1st”
Be consistent with your commitment to yourself.   Talk to your spouse/partner on how you can work together on managing the family schedule so that you both have time to take care of yourselves.

Make your health and fitness a priority so that no matter what the season, or special occasion you are ready to rock a “cute little black dress”,  shorts or a bathing suit.

September is the time to think about what has worked and what hasn’t.  Put together your plan and make it happen.  I know you’re busy but you have got to be tired of being on the weight roller coaster.  That gets old fast, just be done with it once and for all!!

Write it down.

September is the new January… goals, resolutions, whatever you would like to call it just make it happen and stick to them!  Just think, you could have an entirely new set of resolutions come January that don’t include, “Lose Weight” because you will have already done that!!

Share your defined goals with your loved ones.  No loved ones or no support?  Share them with me so you can be accountable to someone and know that someone has your back!!

I’m here to help!!

Happy New Year.  Make the rest of 2012 count!

You gotta have great goals!



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