Spare tires are for your car

If you have it or had you, I am sure at some point you have hated it…..belly fat.  There are a lot of things that help decide how much belly fat you are going to carry.  Diet, activity, body type, your parents, hormones, etc.

Regardless of why you have it, it’s a pretty good clue that you may have other problems happening around your body.  Fat in the abdominal area is additionally a concern for individuals who may develop high blood pressure as well as an increased risk for type 2-diabetes and heart disease due to excess belly fat.

The ‘spare tire’, ‘muffin top’, ’jelly belly’ are more than looks; it can seriously challenge your health as well.  This is probably why people target it and work hard to get rid of it.

People will head to the gym trying to get enough exercise to get rid of belly fat.  They walk on the treadmill or wander around the weight room, pose in the mirror, suck it in and lay on the floor lifting parts of their body. Just because you have a gym membership and say that you go to the gym doesn’t exactly mean you are getting a good workout. PS: you cannot spot reduce your belly fat-so the gizmos and gadgets that claim to target your belly don’t work-they never have and they never will.  Total body training is what you need!

Belly fat is a fight with your nutrition – belly fat is best fought with your diet.

From a diet perspective, belly fat is often caused and supported by eating too may carbs. Bagels for breakfast, pasta for lunch and more bread and pasta for dinner…you enter the carb coma.  Therefore, you have to cut back and limit the number of carbohydrates you take in.  No don’t suddenly go on a “Carbs are the enemy” Jihad attack. They are not your enemy. You need them and they are an essential part of healthy eating.

Believe it or not, you don’t have to be very drastic with your carbohydrate limits.

You have to pay attention to the type of carbohydrates you’re taking in as well.  If you’re eating carbs that have high sugar amounts or processed foods, your insulin levels will spike which done too often results in belly fat.

Your carbs should always be low-glycemic level and complex carbohydrates.  Stick with fresh vegetables, whole grains, whole grain bread and whole grain rice.  These types of foods are broken down and get into your blood stream over a longer period of time.  Your body actually works to digest them.  By the way, when your body works at digestion, you are burning calories! (Bonus)

I guarantee junk food doesn't get in here

That means NO potato chips, pretzels, or foods that in general don’t look like  food at all.  Your new life rule is no processed carbs.  Cut them out.  You don’t need them and your body will thank you by shedding that fat.

So, are fighting the effects of junk food, processed foods, or just too many carbs at the wrong time?

Did you fix your spare tire? Let everyone know how you did it.




  1. I got rid of a lot of my belly fat (which is unfortunately hereditary) – almost 3 pant sizes. I went to boot camp 3 x per week and strictly watched my diet. I took a short sabbatical (almost 2 months) and low and behold the belly fat started to come back at an alarming fast rate. I have been back to boot camp for 2 weeks now and watching (using Carries menu paln) what I eat and I am slowily losing it again! Thank you Carrie!

  2. I watched what I ate and came to boot camp a minimum of 3 days a week. I also eliminated any carbonated beverages and couldnt believe the difference that made. Like Patty I also decreased my pant size by 5 sizes and have been able to maintain over the years. Water is my new favorite drink however the “occasional” beverage does find its way in.

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