Start thinking now about Christmas Fitness

I really like Christmas. It is pretty much my favourite time of the year.

Having said that, I think Dec 1 should be acclaimed as the official start of the Christmas season.  There should be a law that there are no lights before December 1st.   I shake my head at that…come on people, think of the environment, using energy so needlessly.  There should be another law that says if you own a store and put up Christmas displays before December 1st, you should lose your licence to operate!  It was tough finding Halloween decorations and Thanksgiving fare in between all the Christmas displays!

I know you hard-core Christmas peeps start as early as you can. The one thing I really don’t like about this holiday season is that people lose their dang minds.

That’s just my personal perspective.  Putting on my professional hat here is a problem that I have with the festive season.

People give up.

They literally give up on their fitness goals. They get discouraged and think they will just eat high off the hog and deal with it in January.  That is the craziest thinking e.v.e.r!!!

It’s just lazy. It’s looking for an excuse so you can binge and blame the holidays.  That = lame.

Those people will always be on the fat loss roller coaster and wonder why they just can’t lose the weight.

Going to a couple of parties does not mean it’s your last supper. You likely know what all of that food feels like and do you REALLY need to eat all of those cookies?  Come on?!
Giving up is just that….you’re a quitter. Trust me, I know all about busy schedules, commitments, kids sports, etc but to put your health “on hold” until January is madness.
What is so magical that you think will happen in January? How many January’s have come and gone and you are still struggling with your weight?
Try something new.  Stay on track, show up to boot camp, choose your food wisely.  These parties, get-togethers are to get together with friends/family–not to eat your face off. Please stop with the “it’s only once a year that this happens” what’s up liar!!
You say the same thing at birthdays, vacation, summer holidays.
This doesn’t have to be hard….your making it hard on yourself. Stay on track and get through the holidays lean. How sad waking up January 1st and you are 10lbs heavier…that is a depressing way to start the new year.
Simple rules…eat smart, drink water and show up to boot camp!

Is it really worth it?




  1. For me, boot camp is a strategy to rock the festive season! There is so-o-o-o-o much to do and how better to maintain the energy required but to work out and watch the quality (and quantity) of the food I eat. This also helps me to enjoy moderate festive indulgences without as much guilt and resulting lethargy (which, during the holidays, we have no time for). I have also noticed that people get sick around the holidays. Right or wrong, this year I chose boot camp over a flu shot. For me, a good boot camp work out not only combats the flab but it keeps my immune system strong too (maybe it’s the burpees). I know that sometimes that virus is going to catch up to me, but when it does, I’ll bounce back much quicker!
    For our friends in the U.S., Happy Thanksgiving!!!!

  2. The more committed you are to Bootcamp the easier it becomes to turn away from bad food and alcohol. It just isn’t worth feeling like crap!! And I totally agree with the December 1st rule on Christmas!!

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