Start your week strong with 3 Traits of Success

It's in your hands

I get quite a few questions from clients, Facebook friends, and the Twitterverse.  Usually the questions revolve around “the food” and “the exercise”.  I’m catching up on those over the next few days.  (As much fun as we had on vacation, playing catch up is always hard.)

The other popular thing that I love through the conversations I get to have with all of you and see going on is the victories.  The small ones that you are proud of just saying, “I did it.” To the huge goals that you have hit, achieved or overcome.

One thing that’s always fascinated me about those that achieve success, no matter what adversity they’ve overcome, no matter what big goal they’ve achieved, no matter where they have come from…is their mindset.

I’ve noticed that within all of you that are having success, there are three uniquely common elements or traits that aid in your success.

#1  A Positive Self-Image.  This is one of the most essential traits but not one that is there in the beginning very often.  Be kind to yourself – project the best ‘you’ there is.  Love the inside and project that to the outside.

#2  Competitiveness.  You need to bring your “A” game in everything that you do.  The people who win are not sitting back watching life pass them…they are out going for the win.  The achievers never settle…the strive.

#3  Discipline.  Set your goals and don’t stop until you reach them.  Everyone will fall, stumble and even fail from time to time.  The discipline you put in place to pick yourself up and keep going will set you apart from the people who complain about how hard it is to continue.

So, what can YOU do to start achieving your goals?

I’d recommend you start implementing these characteristics on a daily basis because we all know repetition is the key to developing habits, AND second, surround yourself with like-minded people.

People whose goals are similar to yours (fellow boot campers).

Social support is a HUGE factor in accomplishing goals and not only that; you’re going to get inspired.

Even on those days when inspiration is hard to find, you’re going to be pulled along by your circle of support.

Mondays are always tough days to get it all going again….add in the March Break recovery for so many of us and this is going to be a rough start to a new week.  So, let’s use each other’s strengths to get this week going great and help one another be positive, competitive and disciplined.



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