Stop sabotaging your goals

I absolutely applaud anyone who decides that they are going to take control of their health and change their bad habits to meet their goals.

It doesn’t matter if you are trying to maintain your weight, lose weight or gain weight (yes there are people who do that on purpose), all your best efforts are for nothing if you sabotage yourself.

Here’s what I mean.

You have set you goal to lose twenty pounds.  You figure out that to do that you need to commit to an exercise program so that you can increase your calorie use. (Key to weight loss, burn more calories than you take in (remember that)).

You go to the gym, do some weights, run on a treadmill, spin on a bicycle, take a yoga class, go to boot camp, do more weights, meditate.  You get the picture.  You are committed to your new routine of calorie burn and feel great!

At the same time you EAT LIKE CRAP! You suddenly think, “Oh, I’m burning all these calories, I can afford to eat the same as I did.” True enough, if you are burning more calories than you are taking in, you will eventually lose weight.

It’s OK, I’m exercising!

But why slow down the process? Why prolong achieving your goals?

I can’t understand how people justify eating crap to themselves.  Wake up call…you didn’t get overweight because you ate healthy and exercised.  You got overweight because you made bad choices.

I’ve seen this cycle hundreds of times.  Your “commitment” to your exercise program falls off.  Skip a day here, cut short a work out there, dinner with friends, working late, weekend away and pretty soon you just stop.

But what didn’t stop was you eating.  You continued to eat garbage, fast food, processed foods. You know, the foods that are convenient to your busy life style.  The restaurant meals that are “super yummy”.  There’s a reason they are yummy…they are cooked in gobs of fat, brushed with butter, loaded with salt.  You don’t even get to taste the food.

So you really want or need to lose weight.  Here’s how.  Stop opening your mouth to fill it with crap or to whine about how fat you feel and open it for great food, nutritious meals and the calories you NEED to support your lifestyle, not to support your weight.

Don’t drive the wrong way to fitness

When you eat right, the exercise will be easier and more efficient.




  1. Yes! It took me a little while to realise that myself – but once you change every aspect of your lifestyle it suddenly becomes much easier to be fitter and happier all round 🙂

  2. For me part of the reason I can stick to my healthy/nutritious eating is finding things that are a treat rather than a punishment. (like a chocolate protein smoothie with raspberries made with extra ice chips so it is thick and creamy just like frozen yogurt)

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