stupid fitness

Stupid Fitness S%*^ You See Online.

Stupid fitness sh, I mean most of the “advice” I see online I choose to just scroll by after a good long hard I eye roll where I get to see the grey matter of my brain.

Everyone is an expert.

Do this. Do that. Drink this. Don’t eat that.
I stopped getting upset when I would see magazine articles of “Walk Away The Pounds” or “This Special Diet Will Incinerate Fat While You Sleep!


Here is one “article” I want to rip apart.

20 Rules Fit Women Follow… aka (Stupid Fitness)

1. Exercise
Duh. Fit people don’t loathe exercise. Fit people make sure that exercise is a part of their day.
2. Thoughtful about meals
Fit people do put effort into planning their meals and planning their days so that they have the right food on hand.
3. Lots of protein
Yup, another no brainer here. Protein is necessary, but lots?! what does that even mean?
4. High fiber carbs
The article noted bread, pasta, rice. Whoa Nelly. Dem are fightin’ words. How about no, actually how about hells no. Higher fiber carbs should mean vegetables, not processed food. Please know this!
5. Fit people eat as soon as they wake up
So “fit” people eat as soon as they wake up?! I don’t.  I’m fit and I am not a breakfast person. This whole breakfast is the most important meal of the day garbage is old and tired. Here’s the thing, some people wake up hungry and some people don’t. ‘You do you boo’, BUT don’t start your day with pop tarts and bagels.
6. They eat before and after workouts
Wow, these special fit people are metabolic machines.
Must be awesome to have a wildly fast metabolism and iron gut #goals.
Again, I consider myself fit and if I eat before I workout I feel barfy and depending on when I workout sometimes I’m not hungry after. This whole DNA thing is crazy right?!

What The What??

The “article” said carbs before a workout and protein after … uuggghhhh, stop with this circa 1985 thinking. If you have fat to lose then you do not need to eat carbs before your workout.  And if you must eat before your workout, have some cucumbers.
7. They eat all of the time and have snacks
Bless their little hearts. <— Southern Snark.
*Cough* liars *cough
8. No junk at home but they indulge when they are out
I’m only half mad at this one. No junk at home, whew! Indulge when you go out, why? For what purpose? Rewarding yourself with food?  These “fit” people indulge? In what? Kale salad or onion rings? Context people, we need context!
9. They mentally order their meals before they get to the restaurant
Hey now, we can be friends again. Yes, know before you go!!!
10. Fit people recommend having a fit group
Our friendship is still in tact with this point. A fit group can be other fit friends, a workout class, etc. Fit friends motivate, encourage, support. Non fit-friends bring you down, guilt you into eating crap, criticize your lifestyle.
11. They do interval training
Yes!!! Doing the same tired old treadmill or elliptical workout you have done for the last 5 years isn’t cutting it…never has, never will.
12. Even if they can’t do a workout, They find ways to stay active
Fit people like to be active!! Truth!
13. They don’t let busy days turn into cheat days.
This is a big one and I am glad that some sense came from this article.
Their health and physique matters and they make it a priority.
So a couple of things to wrap up. Yes, I know it’s not 20, but I can’t be bothered anymore.
The “fit people” they interviewed were all people who have fitness jobs and are in the public eye. How they look matters to their bank account.
They all workout multiple times a day…

it’s their job.

To look a certain way you have to do a certain amount of work – understand that. If you come across an article or someone trying to convince you that it only takes minimal effort, that is a complete lie. Always has been, always will be.
Aside from one of them, they were all young and no kids.
They have their metabolism on their side, humming along like a sports car.

Hormones matter people <= NOT STUPID FITNESS

As we age, oh Lawd, hormones can and will mess you up.
Having a jacked up C-Section can make a mess of your abs or going through an illness (medications) can leave you on the wrong side of what you want to see on the scale.
I am not one for excuses but when you have a family and kids, it takes a real effort to make fit happen. Fit people with a family make it happen. When you are young and have no kids, the world is yours, your time is your time.
When I was in my 20’s and teaching 4 fitness classes a day I could eat whatever I wanted. After kids in my 30’s I had to be a little more careful. When 35… wait, what…hang on, I used to be able to eat that – why are my shorts so friggin’ tight?! OK, hello 40… why am I being punished?!
Why do I hate these Bull S&%$ articles?  Because they don’t tell you the whole story.
They tell you what they want to sell you.
They tell you what you want to hear…go ahead eat the pasta, these fit girls eat it – complete and utter BS
As you experience more of life (aging) you need to learn to pivot.
What worked for me at 20 does not work mid 40’s.
Complaining and having a pity party doesn’t give you your 20-year-old metabolism back.

To Do List:

Drink water everyday.
Do some kind of exercise/movement/activity – daily
Eat real food – no labels
Stop reading bullsh$% on the internet or in magazines.
Want some information that isn’t stupid fitness s%$^?
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