Pitty Party for 1

I want everyone to read this and post it in a place that you can look at it.  Use it as a reminder that everyone has a story to help them feel sorry for themselves and we all have something to complain about.  Don’t be that person. Be the person who rises above the problems of day to day life and kick your them to the curb and yell at the top of your lungs, “NEXT!”

We all have problems/issues.

Things aren’t always perfect but more than anything you are in a better position than most people. If you can’t change your situation then work with what you have.

You complain about your weight but remember that you can fix that.  It’s in your control.  You can make the change…but will you??

I find it amazing and awful at the same time that people are so quick to tell you what is wrong in their life other than to speak of what is good in their life.
We all have more good than bad going on.  Attitude of gratitude people...get it!
If you start to focus on positive things then more positive things will happen and you will be grateful for what you have.  Not miserable for what you don’t.

Your attitude and mood is all controlled by you.

Be thankful you have your health.   If you are not in good health, YOU NEED TO CHANGE THAT!

  • Be thankful for the family you have.
  • Be thankful if you have a job and a roof over your head.
  • Be thankful for your spouse and your kids—many don’t have either.

Yes, at times they are the people that can drive you from zero to crazy in 30 seconds–but be thankful that you have them!

It isn’t hard to change your attitude.

Smile more, be helpful, appreciate what you have.

(Insert cliche here, “Take time to smell the roses.”)

There will be bad days but there is something good in each and everyday.  So pull your head out of your &$# and start living a happier life….it really is that easy.

Never say you “can’t” when you really can!




  1. I really think I live a positive life. I am happy with what I have and don’t envy others. I try my best to be a positive role model with all the “little people ” in my life. There is a song by Will I Am that he sings along with the characters from Sesame Street. It is called “What I Am” and many times during bootcamp I am humming this in my head and whenever I need a little boost I turn to the computer, go to youtube and play it. Take some time to give it a listen, you can always look up the lyrics as some of the muppets are difficult to understand. I hope you find it inspirational, if not share what helps you to stay ++++++.

  2. Surround yourself with people that motivate you! If your friends have stopped calling you…..maybe you fall into that “pity person” catagory!

    Happiness is a choice………..party on!

  3. Powerful post Carrie! ANything is possible if you want it! My Mom will turn 79 this year! 22 years ago she was almost killed in a car accident. Last Saturday she spent the day at a Scottish dancing workshop…she danced most of the day! She has lingering pain from the accident, especially in her lower leg and foot…BUT…. she doesn’t let it define her…she has never dwelled on it! It happened…she deals with it! I’m so proud of her and I intend to be just like her when I am 79!!

  4. From me & my son: Thank you, thank you, thank you. Ironically, I watched a news report about just such an amputee shortly before I gave birth to my absolutely AMAZING little boy with one arm almost 15 years ago. He is now an OUTSTANDING & accomplished young man with a huge heart and more ability than I have in my baby finger. I believe that the corollary to this message is…We need to look beyond outward appearance…don’t feel sorry for people…look at their “abilities”, not their “disabilities”. Please don’t feel sorry for them…some of the questions my son gets are ridiculous. Carrie: You and your messages are such a blessing! Attitude of gratitude…Amen.

  5. WOW!! You just made my day, Carrie!!! Thank you for this reminder!!! You are absolutely right…we all have soooo much to be thankful for in our lives! And yes, we all have our issues and challenges…all part of the journey! It really comes down to “how” we deal with our challenges. Are they going to be “stepping stones” or “road blocks”? Truly, Attitude is Everything!!!!
    Have a GREAT weekend everyone!!!

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