Suck it up…take your easy somewhere else, we like it hard!

There seems to always be two ways to people look at things:  Happy or sad, black and white, glass half full or half empty, two sides to every story, easy or hard, etc.
A lot of things, situations, challenges are what you make them.

Here’s what’s easy:

  • eating chips and dip
  • drinking that wine
  • avoiding challenges
  • making excuses
  • complaining
  • being lazy
  • eating cookies

Here’s what’s hard:

  • going against the grain
  • saying no to the crowd
  • committing to your goals
  • moving when you just want to rest
  • pushing yourself to get back up when life knocks you down
  • seeing the future when looking at the present

Exercise can be considered a metaphor for succeeding in life.
Discipline, willpower, determination, purpose, achievement.
The things that increase you potential in life share many of the same rules.

Accountability is key.

You are the 5 people you hang around with the most.  If you go to the gym and walk on the treadmill, look at the weights, treat it like a social event, chat with your friends you will go nowhere fast.  You want to stay in the security and comfort of like-minded thinking, enjoy yourself, that’s EASY but don’t expect results.

If you show up to boot camp you will be motivated, inspired and encouraged to be pushed to the next level.  That’s accountability and that can be hard.  But, everything I have found in life that has value doesn’t come easy.  It comes with commitment, desire, action.  But you will be expected to give it your all.  Want to turn it into a social event? Want to come late, interrupt, complain? Do it somewhere else…don’t try to drop  your pity party and woe is me problems  on others and try to influence them into your mentality.

We work hard to achieve results.

Change requires an effort.  If you want to look different and feel different it requires effort and at times it won’t be easy….and those are the times that you need to suck it up.




  1. Excellent blog! Nothing in life is easy….they say that what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger….in that case, I should king kong!
    I hate the rain!!!! mother nature is on the rampage! We were supposed to have sun and high of 17 until Saturday afternoon 🙁

  2. I have a friend that always looks for a gadget, shortcut, or the easiest way to do ANYTHING. I am all for efficiency and make it a huge priority in my life, but it is to spend less time so that I can get more done and have time for my family and friends. Some things just cannot be short-cut and the time spent at boot camp is one of them. Did that belly-fat jiggler belt that people strapped around themselves in the 50’s and 60’s while they watched 3 channels on their black and white TV really work? I got an email today from Canadian Living announcing a new food product, Jane’s FlatJacks (breaded chicken breast cutlets for the toaster). Each 70 g cutlett has 9 grams of fat, compared to a real, juicy, grilled chicken breast that would come in somewhere around 1 gram of fat (Carrie, you can weigh in on this one). Bottom line — we need to be suspect if something is too easy!!!!! Carrie, this post was a really good way to encourage and remind us that the effort is proportional to the benefit!

  3. Yes, I like the point of going against the grain! It reminded me of last nights class! I started running around the parking lot and didn’t realize that I was going the wrong way until I approached the rest of the class running towards me which made me run to the outer part of the lot so I wouldn’t smash into everyone, which made me work harder!

  4. I absolutely love this post and could not agree more. This post could have easily been on my website under our About Us page. As a fellow bootcamp instructor it is great to see that there are others out there that hold their clients accountable. I always say it is not about the money you spend it is about results that you get and those results are earned not guaranteed. Kudos to you for holding your campers accountable!

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