Summertime is Sangria Time!

I love when friends, clients and strangers look for advice on losing weight, maintaining their success or reaching those last few milestones on their journey to better health.   One really overlooked, but essential tool to take your results to the next level or get your journey going right is simple.  Write it down!

To make your results happen just that much faster you need to journal your food intake daily.

Many of you know, that when you come to me and ask for help, I will tell you right away to start sending me your food journals.  When you write it down and see what you are putting in your mouth it makes you accountable.  Doing a food journal is not complicated. Write it down, start a spread sheet, email it to yourself, start a calendar and post it.
When your results aren’t happening or have stalled this is one tactic that will help you get to the next level.  The secret to the journal is being honest about what you are putting in your mouth.  It’s amazing how many people actually don’t realize how much, or in some cases, how little they are actually eating.
It can be eating too much, skipping meals, going too long in between meals, bad choices, not drinking water, skipping boot camp (had to throw that in) the list goes on.
Be accountable to yourself and actually look at what you are eating.

Write it, see it, adjust it

OK, here’s the reason I know you’re all reading this….The slightest chance that I would mention a forbidden beverage has piqued your curiosity, right?!

Well, here it is…..boot camp sangria (thank me later)
 -pitcher of water
-your favourite fruit chopped up
-another option is to add frozen fruit to your water
Place it in the fridge and let the fruit kick up that water……
**Shazam……boot camp sangria
Here are some other great combinations to try.
-strawberries and pineapple
-lime, mint (this is my mojito water)
-cucumber, lemon, mint
-mixed citrus (orange, lemon, lime)
-mixed berries (strawberries, blueberries, raspberries)
-cucumber / melon
 If you have any of your own great flavour flav combinations, post them in the comments section here.  AS LONG AS THEY ARE VIRGIN AND HEALTHY!!!
I know you don’t need me to keep telling you how important water is because I tell you all.the.time–so PLEASE believe me! Drink water!



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